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Nurse is an older woman who is empathetic and kind. She is like a mother to Juliet. She is mostly supportive and speaks in a confident manner. She is loyal to the Capulet family.The nurse helps move the story forward because she helps Romeo and Juliet see each other and relays messages to them. This allows their relationship to grow.



Friar Laurence is a wise man who always tries to do the right thing. He is an old man. He is supportive of Romeo and Juliet, but he has some foolish ideas too.Friar helps move the plot forward because he helps Romeo and Juliet get married and he also suggests the plan for Juliet to kill herself to avoid marrying Paris.

Friar Laurence


Mercutio is a brave and loyal. He is a teenager and he is Romeo's best friend. He is not afraid to speak whatever is on his mind. Mercutio radiates confidence.Mercutio helps move the plot forward because he initiates a fight with Tybalt, causing Romeo to kill Tybalt. This results in Romeo getting banished.



Juliet is a 13 year old who is very beautiful. She is the only daughter of Capulet. Juliet is young and innocent. She is sweet and loves Romeo with all her heart. She can be naive at times.Juliet helps move the plot forward because she and Romeo's secret relationship becomes dangerous and causes chaos to ensue.

Juliet Capulet


Romeo is a 16 year old who is very handsome. He is the son of Montague. Romeo often acts impulsively and recklessly. He is loving and kind. He has a big heart and mind. Romeo helps move the plot forward because his and Juliet's romance develops and causes conflict in the story.

Romeo Montague


Romeo and Juliet Character Infographic

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