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pioneering the chemcial supply chain

Supply Chain Management for Chemical Manufacturers Specializing in Lithium Ion Batteries


  • In business since 1976 – nealy 50 years of experience
  • Over 4 billion pounds safely stored & transported annually
  • Hazmat expertise coupled with temperature control & cold chain capabilities



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We help companies focus time and resources upon their core competences without having to worry about chemical logistics-related activities and investments

Industry Recognition

Recognized as one of the Top 50 Chemical 3PLs in the World by ICIS Chemical Business Magazine. We've also been awarded one of the Top 100 3PLs in the World by Inbound Logistics 5 years in a row.

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Board-Level Involvement
Executive Leadership & Coaching
Merger & Acquisition Strategy
Market Trends& Intelligence
Maturing Business Processes & Structure
$53B Under Management
Access to Capital
Environmental, Social, and Governance

Committed to SBTi Net-Zero Standard of setting robust emission reduction targets

Science Based Targets

Created a Sustainability Management role to establish and execute ESG initiatives

Sustainability Management

Identifying onsite solar systems to produce a direct onset to scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions

Research & Analysis

19 Facilities have LED & motion-sensor lights



85% of Rinchem's forklift fleet is electric powered

Electric Fleet



Rinchem is proud of our commitment to bring a great corporate citizen with a responsibility to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and prioritization on sustainability. Let us move together toward an ethically driven, socially focused, environmentally conscious and quality centered supply chain. ​


2023 TCIR Rate YTD: 1.8​

Rinchem Goal: Below 1.0​ Industry Average 5.5​ Rinchem TCIR Trend LineRinchem TCIR​

The safety of our employees and our customers is of the utmost importance to Rinchem. In fact, safety is our number one priority. Approximately ten years ago, Rinchem’s executive team established a goal for Rinchem’s Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) to be well below the industry average. We have been able to accomplish that goal and consistently drive our corporate TCIR down with a global, concerted effort. The following graph shows Rinchem’s TCIR compared to the industry average for 2022.​




Rinchem's tailored solutions improve your vertical's supply chain

Paints & Coatings

Personal Care


Life Sciences


Spec Gas


Industry Verticals

Rinchem understands complex chemical and gas supply chains. We provide best-in-class solutions for the following industry verticals.

Managing All Aspects of the Chemical Supply Chain for Lithium Ion Battery Producers

Logistics Technologies

Freight Forwarding

Ground Transportation

Global Warehousing


Core Competencies

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  • On-Site Services
  • Distribution Centers
  • Pick and Pack Services
  • ISO Tank Yards
  • Public Warehousing
  • Dedicated Warehousing
  • Hazmat/Refrigerated
  • Gas Pads
  • Cleanroom Services

Global Warehousing

Depending on our customer's need, Rinchem offers both public & dedicated warehousing plus on-site warehousing. We also manage full pallet, as well as pick-and-pack orders.

Bensalem, PAFlemington, NJ
Winchester, VA

(Transportation Only)

Burlington, NC
Atlanta, GASavannah, GA
Eagan, MN
Manor, TX Buda, TX
Dallas, TX Farmers Branch, TX
Colorado Springs, CO
Albuquerque, NM
Chandler, AZ Phoenix, AZ Surprise, AZ
Salt Lake City, UT
Santa Fe Springs, CA
Hollister, CA
Hillsboro, OR Tualatin, OR Cornelius, OR
Marlborough, MA



Rinchem has 29 locations across the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East & is continuing to expand.

Rinchem specializes in developing new locations and facilities to meet our customer’s growing needs.







Tainan, Taiwan
Penang, Malaysia
Neot Hovav, Israel
Pyeongtaek, South Korea
Dublin, Ireland


United StatesLocations

Rinchem has 29 locations across the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East & is continuing to expand.

Rinchem specializes in developing new locations and facilities to meet our customer’s growing needs.

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  • Drayage
  • Bonded & High Value
  • Cross Docking
  • Milk Runs
  • Intermodal
  • Refrigerated Transport
  • Bulk Transport
  • Hazmat Transport
  • FTL/LTL Shipments
  • Local Delivery

Ground Transportation

Rinchem operates its own fleet of refrigerated tractors and trailers, as well as utilizing an extended network of pre-qualified providers. We specialize in hazmat, FTL, LTL shipments as well as some bulk transportation. We also offer local delivery services at each of its warehousing locations.

Annual Count:Ocean Volumes: 9000 TEUAirfreight Volumes: 140,000 TEU

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  • Door-to-Door Shipping
  • Container Preparation
  • Customers Documentation
  • Air and Ocean Freight
  • Hazardous Temperature Control
  • Port Warehousing, Transport, & Drayage

Rinchem manages global shipments to a variety of countries. Rinchem excels at consolidating LCL loads to reduce freight forwarding costs and to streamline operations. Rinchem offers port logistics services at many of our locations. We handle customers documentation, container preparation and coordination with shippers so that our customers can have one entity oversee global freight management.

Freight Forwarding

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  • Systems Interface
  • Network Optimization
  • Performance Measures
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation
  • Freight Management

Logistics Technologies

Rinchem offers leading logistics-related technologies and expertise to our customers at a fraction of what it would cost to obtain that technology and expertise internally. We utilize and provide greater supply chain visibility with warehousing, transportation and freight management systems as well as logistics and supply chain optimization applications and capabilities.

  • Full integration capabilities with your current software

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  • Available to customers 24/7 through a secured web-based interface that offers a variety of real-time inventory queries and reports
  • A warehousing and transportation management system that enables inventory visibility across your supply chain


Rinchem’s proprietary warehouse management software. Our suite of technology offerings provide you transparency within your supply chain.

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Chem-Star® Building Blocks

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  • Chem-Star® Domestic FMS – ability to plan & optimize load and lane configurations
  • Chem-Star® International FFS - Ability to track ocean shipment location & documentation
  • Chem-Star® WMS - Visibility, automation, optimization of activities
  • Chem-Star® Customer System Interface - Ability to automate information exchange between systems
  • Quickshipper – Easy to use Shopping Cart & reporting capabilities

Perform a Situation Analysis

  • Map out customer’s supply chain
  • Gather supporting data on current performance
  • Identify corporate and group goals/targets
  • Understand supply chain pain points and what the customer’s ideal vision of a supply chain entails
  • Develop plans to achieve goals and bridge any gaps
  • Provide an economic impact of achieving ideal vision

Rinchem’s Solutions Development Process

Rinchem is dedicated to growth as we regularly challenge ourselves to innovate and improve.Rinchem opened new warehouses in Cornelius, Oregon, and Penang, Malaysia in 2023.Rinchem's Surprise, AZ hazmat warehouse opened in February 2024 Prospective new locations in Idaho, Ohio, New York, Japan, and Germany with prospective additional locations in Texas, Utah, California, Israel, and South Korea.

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