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By Zachary Gooch

Media & Outreach Captian




Ideas to improve the team

Reasons Why I should Be A Captian






If I was a Captian I feel I could do alot of good because I care about this team and I have gotten told by many mentors that I have the spirit of the fighting pi in me and I do so much for the team outside of robotics time such as when I made the lunch outreach event happen or the summer projects form.

I have many skills such as leadership, thoughtful thinking, dedication, very tech literate not afraid to ask for advice or help or opio and many more. i have been apart nearly every outreach event taken place.

  • For any other ideas ihave would be on the outreach side like having outreaches scheduled months ahead and give reminders to people more and more as we move closer and close. another thought would be having a groups agenda that we have for all the rooms and i would also like to have a clock punch in and punch out for meetings

Ideas To Improve



Social Media

  • start up our youtube chanel and post videos of updates on the events we do as well as livestream them


  • I would like to keep up on social media post but send out like pics of us like students loading on the bus and unloading from the pits and the team cheering on the robot and live stream events we are doing

Thank You Any Questions