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Drag these interactive markers to identify your four Bonnie and Clyde stops

Summary: While at Bonnie’s aunt's house, Bonnie’s aunt called the police on Clyde and Raymond. When the sheriff came, Clyde and Raymond put a gun up to the sheriff and took him and his car. While in the car, Clyde explained how he wanted to quit, but couldn't. Theme Connection: Bonnie, Clyde, and Raymond’s trust and devotion for one another forced them to keep doing crime to protect each other. If they were to stop doing crime, they could still be caught and charted for there past crimes. Clyde wanted to stop for a long time, but knew that he was making a difference in the world around him and he was going to get the same punishment if he did or didn't stop doing crime. In the story Clyde told the sheriff, “If we ever get caught, it’s the electric chair for us” (Blumenthal 74). Primary Source:

Summary: Bonnie, Clyde, and Raymond left Texas and went to Bonnie’s aunt's house in New Mexico. They left because the police were ready to put them in jail, but if Bonnie and Clyde were to leave Texas, there would be no way for the police to find them. They all stayed at Bonnie’s aunt’s house, but while they were there, Bonnie’s aunt was uncomfortable around Clyde and Raymond so she called the police. Theme Connection: Bonnie trusted her aunt to keep her, Clyde, and Raymond safe, but instead Bonnie’s aunt called the cops on them. Bonnie and Clyde’s trust in there family put there lives at risk. Instead of being protected by the people they loved, Bonnie and Clyde were pushed away or put in danger when with there family because there family did not trust Bonnie and Clyde. In the story it said, “Worried, Aunt Nellie let the local sheriff’s office know of her concern" (Blumenthal 70). Primary Source:

Summary: Chapter 6, coming back from Minnesota, Clyde and Faults learn how to rob a bank and not get caught while they were in prison. They rob a bank and leave with the money to give and share it with their family and friends. Theme Connection: Clyde and Faults used Teamwork to learn how to rob banks without getting caught. Without Teamwork, Clyde and Faults could have been caught and sent to jail. In the story it said, "Clyde, faults, and another West Dallas friend, Raymond Hamilton tried out their lessons. Faults said that they robbed a bank of thousands of dollars"(Blumenthal 48). Primary Source:

Eastham Farm, Texas Prison System Summary: Clyde was arrested for burglaries and thefts in three different towns. Clyde was originally held in jail in Waco, TX before being transferred to Easham Farm. Theme Connection: Clyde was assigned to Camp 2 at Eastham Farm prison. The treatment of prisoners between 1930 and 1932 was harsh, violent, and inhumane. Food was scarce and often rancid as, "food vendors often dumped their spoiled goods on the prison" (Blumenthal 39). Additionally treatement in the prison was harsh and violent. Clyde's sister recollects once when she visited him and "both her brother's eyes were black and blue" as he had been beaten on multiple occasions for not keeping up and breaking rules (Blumenthal 40). The work the prisoners were expected to do was oftentimes extreme and "dozens of Eastham prisoners, suffering from exhaustion.... cut their own Achilles tendons to get a break from the fields" (Blumenthal 44). After working with another prisoner to cut off two toes, Clyde's sentence was shortened, however the harsh conditions in prison left a mark on Clyde and he remained resentful for the rest of his life. Primary Source:

Describe how Hoover's administration handled the Great Depression below.

Summary: Chapter 7, Stringtown, Oklahoma, bonnie is talking with her mom and her mom tells her to watch out with Clyde because he is getting deep into the business. Bonnie tells her mom she doesn't even want to be with him and not to worry. This was a lie to protect her mom not to hurt her or maybe even to prevent an argument. Theme Connection: Bonnie shows Motherly love to her mother to protect her from being scared about Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie’s mom is scared that Bonnie will follow Clyde into danger and could get put in jail or hurt. Even though Bonnie is going to continue to follow Clyde into danger, she protects her mother from worrying. In the book it said, "Her mother warned her that Clyde was heading down a dangerous path and Bonnie should keep her distance. 'I'm through with him,' Bonnie told her with a serious face. 'Im never going to have anything more to do with him.' Perhaps Bonnie didn't want to hurt her mother"(Blumenthal 58). Primary Source: