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The Bexar County area had a long history of effects on African Americans, from importation of slaves for labor, to mixing races with the Mexican population. Although Bexar County didn't have the largest population of African Americans, they still treated the few they had with just as much discrimination as the rest of the South.


As cotton and sugar production started to bloom, the need for slaves increased.

Era of the Texas Republic



San Antonio had little slaves compared to other cities due to it being more of an urban area, less slaves were needed.

What Citys Had More Slaves?

Although African Americans were "free", they had many restrictions and life was still very difficult.

Freedom vs. Enslaved

Racial combination began to happen among the Mexicans and African Americans making it a confusing time in Bexar County.

Mexcian x African American

Ashley Reyes

Cattle trading was a huge enterprise in Bexar County.

Who Enslaved More?

African American History in Bexar County