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Schools:Harvard UniversityBaylor UniversityRice UniversityLicensing: PhD in either Physics or Astronomy Master's Degree Bachelor's Degree

They are researchers who study celestial bodies like planets and stars to better understand their workings and to better understand the universe as a whole. It is heavily involved in Astronomy as it is literally about stars and planets, which is the crux of Astronomy.

Job Description

Telescope - they use telescopes to mainly observe the planets and starsSatellites - they use satellites to collect data from stars and planetsSpectrometer - they use it to separate and measure the light emitted off of the stars and planets

Tools Astrophycisits Use

Job Details


Average salary is $130k per yearThis is regarded as one of the most important jobs that contribute to Astronomy so it is well respected


No, there are no promotion opportunities for astrophysics but rather there are a vareity of jobs that include it


NASASpaceXU.S Naval Observatory

  • Analytical and critical-thinking
  • Researcing skills
  • Gather, report and interpret data
  • Math and physics knowledge