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Representation, Interpretation,and coding

A demonstration of positive interpretationRob Renzetti and his series

The Show

Originally airing on Nickelodeon between 1999 and 2005, My Life As A Teenage Robot had a respectable run ending with a film made in 2005.The show was created by Rob Renzetti, a prominent cartoonist behind many other shows including The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory.

The Creator: Rob Renzetti

Depending on your age, it's likely that you've seen or even grew up with some of Renzetti's creations. He was involved with several popular shows including Dexter's Laboratory and Gravity Falls.Most recently, he's released a book titled "The Horrible Bag of Terrible Things" Check it out here!

here's a tumblr post

The Resurgence

Renzetti's creation, the aforementioned My Life As A Teenage Robot, has cultivated a new fanbase of trans folk within the last few years, often citing it as a trans allegory or making in-depth interpretations of the entire series. Some notable examples include Celia Wagner's "The Humanity of (Transgender) Robots" on Medium, and several video essays.

Encouragement, not confirmation

Renzetti has been upfront about the subtext not being deliberate, but nonetheless has remained supportive of the idea when asked. This sentiment is present in an interivew we conducted for Pinkie Magazine

Read the full conversationhere

Interpretation is not representation, but can still be positive

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"This is an aspect of the show’s impact that I would never have predicted but which pleases me tremendously. Again, being a teenager is something we all go through. Though I am in no way comparing my own experience to the transgender experience, I felt physically awkward and emotionally vulnerable as a teen. Still, I never questioned my gender. I knew I was a heterosexual young man. I cannot imagine how much more difficult it must be to go through the emotional rollercoaster of your teen years while grappling with gender. Jenny’s body issues were at the same time universal and unique. I’m glad and honored that her journey resonates with the transgender community."- Rob Renzetti, Pinkie Magazine #5