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Esteem & belonging

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As we navigate through this series, we have explored Personal Development & Growth, Psychological Safety, and Inclusive Learning Communities, we now find ourselves at a crucial intersection with the concepts of establishing Esteem & Belonging in digital class environments. This module invites us to integrate these foundational insights into our online teaching practices, ensuring our students intentionally participate because they feel genuinely connected and valued.



Esteem & Belonging


While esteem and belongingness are distinct concepts, they are deeply interconnected; the nurturing of self-esteem and the appreciation of others' worth are foundational to creating a sense of belonging. Together, they weave a fabric of community where every individual feels an integral part of the collective, enhancing the overall learning experience.







Reflect on Pedagogical approaches

It encourages us to reflect on our pedagogical approaches and course designs, ensuring they align with academic goals and promote a nurturing and inclusive digital environment where students feel valued, connected, and empowered in their learning experiences.

Inclusive Digital Environments

This module is designed to guide us through a thoughtful exploration that will enable us to enhance the sense of belonging and esteem within our online courses as we explore the socio-emotional aspects of digital learning environments.

Belonging complements this by fostering a community where students feel inherently part of something greater, where interactions are meaningful, and where every member feels recognized, valued, and supported on their learning journey.


Esteem, in the context of our digital classrooms, involves recognizing and valuing both one's own worth—self-esteem—and the worth of others. It's about understanding and appreciating what each individual brings to the table, their unique qualities and contributions, and fostering an environment where this appreciation is mutual and expressed.