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This is a simple interactive infographic that describes some of the aspects of gym culture especially for women.


Comfy Gym Clothes Wearing comfortable and stylish clothes to the gym act as motivation to work out!

Headphones/Music Music is essential for an enjoyable gym experience and can drive the workout. You can find thousands of playlists made specifically for the gym on Spotify and Apple Music

Water Water and staying hydrated is absolutely essential for the gym. You won't get to your goals unless you drink water and feed your body correctly. Cute and trendy water bottles have become part of gym girl culture, such as Stanleys or Owalas.

Proper Shoes The right footwear is important, especially on leg days because you need ankle support. Shoes are part of the gym outfit so they're definitely part of the motivation. Popular shoes right now are New Balance, Converse, and Nike.

Lifting Straps I know many women who can lift heavy weights with their legs but grip strength gets in the way. Straps are a way to lift heavier weights without worrying about dropping them.

Resistance Bands I've seen resistance bands used more and more by women who go to the gym. It is an easy way to work on building muscles without having to worry about free weights or machine availability.

Ankle Weights Many women are comfortable w/ body weight exercises or pilates. Adding ankle weights is a way to comfortably increase resistance for those workouts. Like resistance bands, these can help women not worry about free weights or machines.

Cute Gym Bag Gym bags hold alllll of these gym essentials and can complete the look that gets you into the gym. It may seem cheesy to want a cute outfit for the gym but it makes the experience/workout fun, which is what the gym should be.

Yoga Mat Some gyms have mats that members can use but it is nice to have your own clean mat. A big part of gym girl culture that I've seen is a priority on stretching. Warming up is important and many people tend to skip it.