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Welcome to the icy north.Here, cold is not the only challenge but it will help to find shelter in the igloo.

WELCOME to Greenland

Gamification Advantage #1 Provides Quick Feedback

Students receive quick assessments of their development through fast feedback systems in gamified learning settings, enabling them to pinpoint areas that need improvement and capitalize on their strengths.

Gamification Advantage #2 Promotes Social Learning and Collaboration

Gamification Advantage #5 Range of Learning Pathways

Gamification Advantage #3 Enhances Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Abilities

Gamification Advantage #4High Levels of Engagement

Gamified learning experiences frequently engage students with complicated tasks and scenarios that necessitate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in order for them to proceed. Gamification's dynamic aspect encourages students to experiment with different solutions, analyze outcomes, and learn from their failures. As a result, students become more adept at applying their knowledge to real-world circumstances, cultivating creativity and improving cognitive capacities.

The most obvious benefit of gamification in education is increased student engagement, with game-like elements such as scoreboards and badges being more appealing to the average child than a textbook.

A good game should give players genuine choices to make. If the game is too linear, players can lose interest and motivation. In lots of gamified learning environments where students earn badges or other rewards for demonstrating proficiency, they have a choice about which learning topics they pursue. Choice is another way to increase student motivation and develop qualities of lifelong learners.

Gamification in education encourages social engagement and teamwork, just like games frequently do. Students can cooperate, exchange ideas, and work together to solve problems by combining multiplayer aspects, group challenges, and peer-to-peer competitions. This encourages a sense of community within the educational setting, fostering teamwork and the growth of important social skills.

Gamification is the use of game design features, mechanics, and concepts to produce more engaging and fun learning environments. The objective is to incorporate aspects like rewards, competition, achievements, and progress tracking into instructional content in order to make learning a fun and participatory experience.

What is gamification?

Gamification Advantage #6 Efficient Attainment of Learning Objectives

The most important benefit of gamification is student achievement and depth of learning. If students are engaged and motivated, and if the educational content and delivery are of a high quality, students may be able to obtain learning objectives more quickly and even take learning further.

Ready for a clue?

Critical Thinking

Off-task Behavior

Repetitive Practice

What does gamification promote?




Gamification in education ecnourages collaboration and teamwork?


High Levels of Engagement

Enhances Rote Memorization

Quick Feedback

Which of the following is not an advantage of gamification?



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The first number is:


Samba, jungle, and mysteries! Brazil awaits you with tropical challenges. Enter the Oca to find clues.

WELCOME TO Destination 02

A digital breakout is like an escape room combined with educational content. Instead of breaking out of a room, students work together to solve a series of clues that are combinations to digital locks.

Digital Breakouts

Benefit #4

Teachers can design escape room scenarios that align with the curriculum, adapting the difficulty level and themes to match the grade level and subject matter. Additionally, educators can incorporate various learning styles and differentiate tasks to accommodate different abilities, ensuring that all students can actively participate.

Customization & Adaptability

Benefit #5

Benefit #2

Benefit #1

These activities provide students with a sense of autonomy and collaboration as they work together to solve challenges and puzzles. The element of competition and the thrill of "breaking out" foster a fun and immersive environment, encouraging active participation.

Engagement & Motivation

Digital escape or breakout rooms promote collaboration and communication by requiring students to work together to solve puzzles and challenges within a limited timeframe. These activities necessitate effective communication as students share ideas, discuss problem-solving strategies, and allocate tasks among team members. The collaborative nature of escape rooms encourages students to actively listen to their peers, express their thoughts, and engage in meaningful discussions to reach a common goal.

When introducing new material, educators can design escape rooms that serve as an exciting entry point to capture students' attention, creating an immersive context for the initial exposure to concepts. On the other hand, for reviewing and reinforcing material, escape rooms offer a creative and effective way to revisit key content. By incorporating relevant puzzles and challenges related to the material, educators can reinforce knowledge, promote retention, and offer a comprehensive review experience.

Introduce, Review & Reinforce Material

Ready for Clue?

Collaboration & Communication

Digital escape or breakout rooms promote problem-solving and critical thinking in the classroom by presenting students with a series of challenges that require analytical reasoning and creative problem-solving skills. Participants must decode clues, analyze information, and apply logical thinking to progress through the tasks.

Teachers can embed assessments seamlessly into the escape room scenarios, evaluating students' comprehension of key concepts and their ability to apply critical thinking to solve challenges. Educators can use the outcomes of the escape rooms to inform their assessment of individual and group dynamics, providing valuable insights into student strengths and areas for improvement. Overall, digital breakouts offer a dynamic and holistic approach to assessment, complementing traditional evaluation methods in the classroom.

Benefit #3

Benefit #6

Assess & Evaluate

Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking



A digital breakout has physical locks and a lock box.

Question 01

All are ways students communicate.

Discussing Problem-Solving Strategies

Sharing Ideas

In digital breakouts, the students communicate by...


Allocating tasks among team members

Repetetive Practice

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Engagement & Motivation

Which of the following is not a benefit of digital breakouts?


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The second number is:



Ah, the land of love and revolution.But here, love could be a trap.



Genially is a platform that has tools to create interactive learning and communication content. Users can design fun, click-to-explore experiences.Explore the possible experiences of genially and then click the start button to get the next clue.

Quiz - a questions and answer game such as trivial pursuit or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Presentations - interactive slides that can be clicked on and explored. Videos, hotspots, popup windows, and quiz games are added in a couple of clicks without coding.

Escape Rooms - consist of escaping from a virtual room using the clues that you find.

Breakouts - activities that focus on solving puzzles to achieve a final objective.





Which of the following is not an experience you can create on Genially?


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Temples and tigers awaitin this land of wonders.


The temples are dark. Use the flashlight to explore first, then click the exit.

The Genially universe awaits you


  • Unlimited creations
  • Unlimited views
  • Free templates and

Edu Pro

  • All the Free benefits
  • Premium templates
  • Download as JPG, HTML, PDF, and MP4
  • Import PDF, PPTX, or Google Slides files
  • Privacy control
  • Insert audio from your device
  • Folders for organization

Unleash your potential



Revolutionize your classes


  • All the Edu Pro benefits
  • Premium interactive questions
  • Individual tracking
  • Collection of responses





What is the lowest price for a Genially account?




You can import Google Slides on the free account.


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The last number is:





Morgana the Treasure Hunter



A pilot with a heart of gold and a compass that always pointsto adventure.

Cunning and dangerous, she's always onestep ahead. Don't underestimateher cleverness.

Historian and mentor, always has an interesting fact that couldsave the day.

Fearless archaeologist, always ready for an adventure. Her whip and hat are as iconic asher bravery.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve challenges in exotic destinations to find the Treasure of Wisdom. Yes, you heard it right! Let's go for it!

Welcome, adventurers! ๐ŸŒ Buckle up for an epic journeyin search of lost treasures and forgotten knowledge.Shall we go on the "Breakout Adventure"?