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Map of How the Slaves would end up in Bexar County.

Population data(1860's Bexar County)

The African American experience within Bexar County is tied with slavery since their origins can be traced to that time. This infographic wants to help shed some light on the daily routines of African Americans and their population numbers as well since it would help demonstrate the effects of slavery in our county. By showcasing this information, I hope it would better understand the struggles and hardships these people experienced during the 18th century and how its legacy is still felt today.

Thesis Statement

African American Experience in Bexar County

Ross Houston's Ranch

Example of a Ranch in Bexar County

1850's San Antonio Curfew Ordinance


Warning Bell



Summer Curfew

The warning bell would ring 15 minutes before the curfew would happen.

Time for the curfew. If violated, they would have to pay a 5 dollar fine or get whipped for a dollar.

The curfew would be extended to this time during the summer since the days were longer.

This shows how after the Day of Jubilee, most of the freedmen would move to the urban areas in order to get jobs. It showed how they didn't want to work as farmers or ranchers anymore and wanted to expand to different areas. The Day of Jubilee was truly a change of the times for everyone.