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They both Die at the End

Rufus Emeterio

Mateo Torrez


Tagoe Hayes

Malcolm Anthony


The story take place in New York so having some parts fillmed in the subway station or subway will show the urgency they characters have to go though

Subway Stations

The story take place in New York so filiming some in the Bronx will show some different aspects in their life

The Bronx:

The story is based in New York so it makes sense to have some scense in Time Square

Some of the story takes place in Central Park so one location we can film some scenes in Central Park


Time Square

Central Park

Movie poster

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Eddie Cibrian

I think that Eddie Cibrain is the best actor to play Rufus Emerito. One reason is they both are Cuban American. Another reason is that he is very emotional and

I feel that Noah Schnapp will be the best actor for Mateo torrez. One reason I think he will be is because he played Will Byers from stranger things and he plays a teenager role in there as well. He is also very friendly and sometimes is isolated from world simuliar to Mateo Torrez.

Noah Schnapp

I picked Madelyn to play Lidia because of her past role in Outerbanks as she plays a high school student who cares only about her outside appearance at first, but realizes people are more than just looks and financial status.

Lidia Madelyn Cline

Amir would make a great Malcolm based on his role in His Dark Materials, as when he first appears on screen he seems tough around the edges, even a little scary. But he becomes the main character’s most loyal friend, which is exactly what Malcolm is to both Rufus and Tagoe

Malcolm Anthony - Amir Wilson

I picked Abraham for the part of Tagoe, as he was born in Ghana, which is where the name Tagoe originated. He has played other roles where he has to fight for survival and overcome adversity.

Tagoe Hayes Abraham Attah