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The Sun's energy heats the Earth's surface unevenly, creating temperature and pressure differences that drive convection in the atmosphere and oceans. This convection generates winds as warm air rises and cool air sinks, creating movement in the air. Additionally, the Sun's energy is absorbed by the oceans, forming ocean currents that distribute heat throughout Earth. These ocean currents, along with atmospheric pressure patterns influenced by things like deflection off of continents and the Coriolis effect, ultimately contribute to wind patterns across the planet.

How Deforestation Affects the Climate


Deforestation occurs to make space for many human activities. It is the cause of around 10% of global warming. This is due to the fact that trees release oxygen into the environment, take in carbon dioxide, and store carbon. Thus, when trees are cut down, less carbon dioxide is absorbed, and more of it is released into the atmosphere. This leads to an over-abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, contributing to the and climate change. Deforestation also impacts weather, as it disrupts the water cycle. Trees absorb water from the soil and release it into the environment through transpiration. This can lead to decreased rainfall and higher temperatures.

greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect is when gasses in the atmosphere (like carbon dioxide) trap heat.

How Deforestation Affects the Climate


In the Amazon Rainforest alone, the soil moisture levels have been rapidly decreasing. Since it is already situated near the equator, this forest already experiences a naturally warm and humid climate. However, deforestation has only been making the Amazon warmer than it already is and drier, leading to devastating effects on its inhabitants.

It unevenly heats the surface of the Earth.

It is closer to some areas than others.

It doesn't. The sun is useless.

How does the sun impact the climate of different areas across the planet?


It contributes to climate change by releasing more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

The sun helps less trees grow, so it can now focus on heating up the environment more

How does deforestation negatively affect the environment?


Less trees absorb animal waste, stinking up the air

Plants grow a lot because they're stored in a greenhouse

There is less carbon dioxide in the environment

What is the greenhouse effect?


The greenhouse effect is when gasses in the atmosphere (like carbon dioxide) trap heat

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How Deforestation Impacts Abiotic/Biotic Factors



  • Shelter Loss

  • Temperature

  • Loss of Biodiversity

  • Disruption of food chains/food webs

Click on each item to learn more.

  • Water

  • Soil


How Deforestation causes Organisms to Adapt



  • Smaller leaves, thicker cuticles

This helps plants conserve water better, which is important because deforestation can lead to less rainfall in affected areas.

  • Behavioral

Animals may experiences behavioral changes like changes in foraging patterns due to the changes in available food sources or learning to get used to people, since deforestation occurs to make space for human activities.

  • Denser & longer roots

This helps plants optimize their water intake from the soil.

  • Hairy/waxy leaves

This helps plants stay cool in arid environments and is important because deforestation can make forests warmer and drier.

Hover over each item to learn more.

  • Physiological

Animals may experience physiological changes like storing water in their bodies differently or improving regulation of body temperature, since deforestation makes forests drier and warmer.

  • Structural

Animals may experience structural adaptations like longer limbs for increased mobility in their disturbed habitats or thicker skin to prevent water loss.

  • Symbiotic relationships with soil microbes

This helps plants optimize their intake of nutrients from the soil and is important because deforestation can affect availability of nutrients in the soil.

Trees because they are dying



Which of the following is NOT a biotic factor?

Why do organisms in an ecosystem compete with one another?

They're not smart enough for peace

They got serious beef from when the monkey loaned the elephant $5 that he didn’t pay back

To obtain them for themselves when resources are limited



This is correct! Deforestation disrupts habitats and threatens biodiversity.

True or False: Deforestation is beneficial to the environment because it allows animals to find new areas, increasing biodiversity.

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Short-term and Long-term effects of Deforestation




  • Climate Change

Without trees, more carbon dioxide will be released and less will be absorbed, contributing to global warming.

  • Soil degradation

As soil is lost due to soil erosion, the remaining soil will be unable to hold nutrients and moisture as effectively as it used to, leading to poorer soil quality.

  • Decline in water quality

Deforestation increases soil runoff, leading to poor water quality that may not recover very quickly.

  • Wildfires

Forests quickly dry out after deforestation, which can lead to wildfires.

  • Droughts

Tree roots typically help maintain moisture levels in the soil, and without them, a forest can quickly dry out, leading to droughts.

  • Soil Erosion

Tree roots hold together soil, and without them, soil will erode.

  • Loss of biodiversity

The sudden changes an ecosystem faces due to deforestation like the loss of numerous resources (food, water, shelter) can quickly lead to a loss of biodiversity.

  • Habitat Fragmentation

Deforestation causes habitat fragmentation by breaking up large, continuous forest areas into smaller, isolated fragments. This confines species to smaller habitats and disrupts the ecosystem, making them more vulnerable to population decline.

  • A disturbance of indigenous people and their health

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Which of the following is NOT a short-term effect of deforestation?


Soil Erosion


Climate Change


What is habitat fragmentation?

When nature chooses to play hide-and-seek with all of the organisms


When the forest soil turns into chocolate

When half of a habitat is eaten

breaking up large, continuous forest areas into smaller, isolated fragments

Why does deforestation lead to a loss of biodiversity?

All of the animals get bored and go on vacation, but forget to take the plants with them

It doesn't; deforestation is good!


None of the above

it leads to sudden loss of numerous resources (food, water, shelter), quickly leading to a loss of biodiversity.

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How has deforestation specifically affected the Amazon Rainforest?

  • The Amazon is the world's largest rainforest, but deforestation has deforested or degraded around 35% of it already.
  • It is often referred to as the "lungs of the earth", as it produces nearly 9% of the total oxygen on Earth. With the amount of deforestation it is experiencing, it is likely that this number will decrease.
  • Currently, over 10,000 species of plants and animals in the rainforest are at risk of extinction solely due to deforestation.
  • Deforestation is making the Amazon significantly warmer and drier.
  • Around 26.4 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest was burned in 2023 from wildfires occurring due to deforestation.

Mother Nature's child

A forest mostly in Brazil

The lungs of the earth

What is the Amazon Rainforest often referred to as?




What natural disaster, coming from deforestation, has the greatest effect on the Amazon Rainforest?

Around 5,000 species

Over 10,000 species

Over 20,000 species

How many species of organisms are at risk of extinction due to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest?

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CONGRATULATIONS! You proved yourself worthy of the founders' action plan and can now save the Amazon Rainforest!

Action Plan


Morgana the Treasure Hunter



A pilot with a heart of gold and a compass that always pointsto adventure.

Cunning and dangerous, she's always onestep ahead. Don't underestimateher cleverness.

Historian and mentor, always has an interesting fact that couldsave the day.

Fearless archaeologist, always ready for an adventure. Her whip and hat are as iconic asher bravery.

  • Over 2,000 different species in the Amazon Rainforest alone rely on trees for shelter.
  • Because of deforestation, so many of these trees are cut down, causing these animals to have to relocate.
  • This will lead to increased competition among tree-dwelling animals for shelter, as there will be limited spaces available due to deforestation.

Habitat Loss

Guiding Question: Describe the impact of humans on weather, climate, and how organisms must adapt to their environment.

  • Firstly, deforestation endangers many different tree species already. Because of this, animals that rely on those trees for shelter and food will then start to lower in quantity as well.
  • Over 2,000 species of animals rely on trees.
  • This will also make the ecosystem less sustainable.

Loss of Biodiversity

  • The eradication of trees will lead to a decrease in organisms that rely on trees.
  • This will eventually impact the predators of those organisms as well and thereby disrupt the many food chains/webs present in the affected forest.
  • Additionally, with fewer primary consumers, the predators of those organisms will have increased competition for food.

Disruption of Food Chains/Webs

  • With fewer trees to hold the soil together, there will be more soil erosion in forests because of deforestation.
  • This will lead to less soil fertility, making it less suitable for plants.


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  • Due to less trees being there to perform transpiration, there will be less rainfall. This will lead to less water available to animals and plants and competition among organisms for access to water.
  • In addition, soil erosion from a lack of trees will lead to more runoff, polluting the water.


In ancient times, the Tlingit tribe thrived in the Amazon forest, safeguarding its lush plant life. Fearing that forests would be endangered as civilization advanced, they devised a master plan to protect their sacred land. Today, this rainforest is one of the places most affected by deforestation, and the Tlingits' plan (guarded by a four-digit code) holds the key to its preservation. Your mission: uncover clues across the state to unlock the secret code and reveal the founders' strategy. Good luck on your quest!


You picked the right box, but there's something inside it. Try opening it?

  • Transpiration is a process carried out by plants in the water cycle. It releases water vapor into the atmosphere, cooling temperatures.
  • With less trees available to do this, it may be possible to see higher temperatures than usual. The Amazon Rainforest is already a very warm area, but it may become even warmer consequently.


Look inside the scroll and find something to help you complete your first quest. Congratulations!


You found a scroll wedged in one of the circuit boxes!

Deforestation impacts weather patterns through reduced transpiration from trees, contributes to climate change due to less carbon dioxide being absorbed, and causes organisms to have to adapt to their environment by having higher tolerances for arid weather, adjusting diets, or finding a new habitat. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most affected places. Because of all of the dire changes deforestation brings, it is important that we find a way to put a stop to it. Are you up for the challenge?


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You got bored because you weren't able to find anything and started messing around with the piano keys. To your luck, you found a secret compartment, unfolding a...


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