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Summary: Blanche bailed Buck out of jail by saying she is pregnant, once he got bailed out him, blanche, Clyde and Bonnie went on a Vacation to Joplin and law enforcement came to the apartment they were staying at looking for bootleggers but soon found Clyde and this started a shootout. Clyde, Bonnie and Blanche escaped in the same car but W.D. ran off in another car leaving Bonnie and Clyde's chaos and hoping to return home. Theme Connection: Since the Joplin law enforcement were going around neighborhoods looking for bootleggers, they accidently found where Bonnie and Clyde were hiding out. Prohibition is a theme because the police weren't purposely looking for them. “Suspecting bootleggers or car thieves, the officers arrived with nothing more than their service revolvers and a warrant to search for liquor" (Blumenthal 101). Primary Source:

Summary: Bonnie, Blanche, Buck and Clyde split into groups to escape the police and then They split in groups. Clyde and Buck tried to rob a bank and then Bonnie and Clyde met W.D. After the escape, because they knew they were late to meet him but the car was going at a very fast speed and they got into an accident leaving Bonnie very hurt. They all worked together to protect her in a small farm house. Theme Connection: Once Bonnie was burned with the acid from the car battery she was in horrible pain. At the time the Police offer they kidnapped, Officer Corry's helped and cared for her in the backseat when he didn't have to help her. Officer Corry showed kindness and proved Bonnie and Clyde's views of police officers differently. “Bonnie started off in the front seat but was soon moved to the back, with her head in Hardy’s lap. Later she said that Hardy treated her with unusual care and kindness, calming her and trying to protect her from the bumps and jolts of the road" ( Blumenthal 118). This act of kindness surprised Clyde because he never saw law enforcement like this and he was happy Bonnie was getting the care she needed, Primary Source:

Summary: Clyde didn't grow up with a lot of money and didn't have the best life but he was driven to do good in his lie no matter what. Even though he lived in a bad environment Clyde was very outgoing. Clyde liked singing, dancing, and music a lot and his first goal was to be in a kind of band with other guys. His goals would later change once he stepped into his teen years. Theme Connection: Clyde was seen as a good child growing up and he was e was a hardworking child that came from poverty early in life and was always determined to go to school and learn always showing up unlike his older brother Buck He also cared to go to church and learn about his religion. “Clyde enjoyed the church’s Sunday school and was as consistent as any of the kids about going to school” ( Blumenthal 11). Clyde's parents always said he was very consist to going to church every Sunday. Primary Source:

Eastham Farm, Texas Prison System Summary: Clyde was arrested for burglaries and thefts in three different towns. Clyde was originally held in jail in Waco, TX before being transferred to Easham Farm. Theme Connection: Clyde was assigned to Camp 2 at Eastham Farm prison. The treatment of prisoners between 1930 and 1932 was harsh, violent, and inhumane. Food was scarce and often rancid as, "food vendors often dumped their spoiled goods on the prison" (Blumenthal 39). Additionally treatement in the prison was harsh and violent. Clyde's sister recollects once when she visited him and "both her brother's eyes were black and blue" as he had been beaten on multiple occasions for not keeping up and breaking rules (Blumenthal 40). The work the prisoners were expected to do was oftentimes extreme and "dozens of Eastham prisoners, suffering from exhaustion.... cut their own Achilles tendons to get a break from the fields" (Blumenthal 44). After working with another prisoner to cut off two toes, Clyde's sentence was shortened, however the harsh conditions in prison left a mark on Clyde and he remained resentful for the rest of his life. Primary Source:

Describe how Hoover's administration handled the Great Depression below.

Bonnie suggested that they head to New Mexico where Bonnie's Aunt Nellie lives and once they arrived she noticed that they had an unusual amount of cash with them and were driving a new fancy Ford V8 Coupe that no country person can afford. So she calls the Deputy sheriff Joe Johns, and once he comes by everyone scrambles to leave the house. They then kidnapped Johns and took him on the ride to escape the police but then let him go before entering San Antonio.

Once Bonnies aunt called the police this left Clyde and Raymond struggling because all they have been doing is running away from the police and they finally thought they could have had a break. They are struggling in the house to ge their things toghter and find a gun to kill Johns but they never actully kill him but kidnap him. Now many more police are trying to find them leaving Bonnie, Clyde and Raymond still on the run and desprate for a brerak and to be able to find new supplies. “Clyde, Bonnie, and Raymond continued on their endless day. Before letting John's go, Clyde had searched for a fresh car to steal but wasn't able to find what he wanted and San Antonio” (Blumenthal 74). With the rush to escape police they have no supplies and have been driving the whole day and will continue to until they find a hideout. Desprate to stop they must keep going.