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Drag these interactive markers to identify your four Bonnie and Clyde stops

On the road and driving Summary: Clyde and Bonnie went to meet up with W.D. and Clyde and Bonnie were speeding down a new road, and they drove off a cliff where a bridge hadn't been built yet and then bonnie gets really hurt and is taken care of by a police officer with unusual care. Theme: Law Enforcement theme connection: Clyde and Bonnie went to meet up with their friend, and when they were meet wit a police officer after they got into a car accident, the police officer was incredibly nice. "'Are we going to kill those men?' Buck asked. 'No' Clyde told him, impressed with how gentle they had been with Bonnie" (Blumenthal 118). After Clyde sees how Bonnie is being treated by the police officer, he immediately has respect to the police office because of the given respect that the police officer had for Bonnie. Primary Source:

Mrs. Barrows home Summary: Cumie Barrow, Clyde and Bucks mother, went through a lot trying to get her sons out of jail because of how much she cared about them. After sometime of work she finally as able to help them out of jail. Theme: Family Theme Connection: Family is very important, and Cumie who is Clyde and Bucks mom does everything she can to help them out of jail "' there were no lengths though which my mother would not have gone to he any of her kids' Marie barrow said later. Their persistence worked" (Blumenthal 98). The mother goes through endless works of trying to help her sons. Getting them out of prison took up a lot of her time of what she did especially when they were out of the run, and she was worried of what they were doing or where they were going. Primary Source:

Driving on the road Summary: After Bonnie and Clyde got into that terrible accident, Bonnie was in really bad shape and law enforcement thought Clyde would leave Bonnie and run, but he didn't. Theme: Loyalty theme connection: Clyde is very loyal to bonnie he stays by her said even when she gets hurt and he doesn't leave her. " Heard the crash form wellington officials and felt certain Clyde would ditch bonnie somewhere because her injuries would be too much trouble. But in truth, he rarely left her side" (Blumenthal 119). Clyde continuously stuck near Bonnie and stayed with here even when things seemed really bad and and he believes she's going to die. Even so he still takes care of her and he is able to get her help. Primary Source:

Out with Bonnie and a friend Summary: To smoke cigars as a woman was very looked down upon and wasn't what a proper lady would do as stated by the media. Theme : Media theme connection: To smoke cigars and to have a gun as a woman was looked down upon. This is what Bonnie did and the photo was taken and uploaded in the media of a newspaper "she held a revolver stolen form a police officer on her hip. Most outrageous, she clenched a cigar between her teeth, something a decent woman would never do" (Blumenthal 4). Bonnie cared vary much about how she was perceived, so for this photo to be out on the media meant a lot to her and she was very upset about it. The media negatively affected her, when she became upset about the terrible photo that was taken of her, and was now public. Primary Source:

Eastham Farm, Texas Prison System Summary: Clyde was arrested for burglaries and thefts in three different towns. Clyde was originally held in jail in Waco, TX before being transferred to Easham Farm. Theme Connection: Clyde was assigned to Camp 2 at Eastham Farm prison. The treatment of prisoners between 1930 and 1932 was harsh, violent, and inhumane. Food was scarce and often rancid as, "food vendors often dumped their spoiled goods on the prison" (Blumenthal 39). Additionally treatement in the prison was harsh and violent. Clyde's sister recollects once when she visited him and "both her brother's eyes were black and blue" as he had been beaten on multiple occasions for not keeping up and breaking rules (Blumenthal 40). The work the prisoners were expected to do was oftentimes extreme and "dozens of Eastham prisoners, suffering from exhaustion.... cut their own Achilles tendons to get a break from the fields" (Blumenthal 44). After working with another prisoner to cut off two toes, Clyde's sentence was shortened, however the harsh conditions in prison left a mark on Clyde and he remained resentful for the rest of his life. Primary Source:

Describe how Hoover's administration handled the Great Depression below. They wanted to give people back their jobs, and wanted to restore peoples dignity so they can help them to make money so they can buy things and pay of their debts/credit.