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Drag these interactive markers to identify your four Bonnie and Clyde stops

Sarah, Michelle, and Lexie

Summary: Clyde, Bonnie, Blanche and Buck all were headed to Texas to refill their car, staying in Texas for a while, they tried to avoid getting hit by a piece of wood from their car, swerving into a nearby neighbors yard. Although they refused to throw fire on a crowd, many news stories and reports reported them "shooting up the town" and referred to as escapees. Theme Connection: The Media lied about what actually went down, changing up the story for more people to become interested in what happened. "But the news accounts told a very different story. the bandits 'literally shot up the town'"(Bluementhal 111) ""The wildest escapades of chicago gang-land" or "tales of the wild wooly west""(Blummenthal 111) Primary Source:

Summary: Bonnie and Clyde were driving out on the road alongside an abducted police officer. The whole time while Bonnie was driving, the police officer helped tend to Bonnie while on the road and was showing "unusual care and kindness." Theme Connection: Even as Bonnie and Clyde were not necessarily showing kindness and were not showing the most respect to the law enforcement, the police officers still showed them sympathy. Bonnie explained how "Hardy treated her with unusual care and kindness, calming her and trying to protect her from the bumps and jolts of the road," (Blumenthal 118). Primary Source:

Summary: Police told law enforcement to take their shot and try to kill bonnie and clyde. They were keeping close watch since they suspected the barrows would come back. The police were trying to hideout so nothing seemed suspicous Theme Connection: law enforcement made a big impact into bonnie and clydes life becuase once they come to Texas they would have a whole visit by the police. They feels as it they're not safe to come back to texas and once they arrive they will go to jail for a serious amount of time. "As their photos began to make the news, police told law enforcement from Texas to Missouri to "shoot to kill".(105,Blumenthal) "Walsh admitted the police knew that clyde was regulaararly visiting his parents home but hadnt been able to catch him in town"(106,Blummenthal) Primary Source:

Summary: Buck was put through jail after commiting his crime, which in turn caused his family to panic and become worried about him. Cumie Barrow, or Buck and Clyde's mom, helped try and persist through getting him out of jail. Theme Connection: The loyalty and love that was shown through the mother trying to take care of her son was clearly depicted through the multiple times Cumie Barrow has tried sticking up for her son. "Because there was no money to hire a lawyer, Cumie tried to get a judge and prison administrators to write letters on Buck's behalf," (98 Blumenthal). "He had a daughter with his second wife, but he wasnt invloved in either childs life"(97 Blumenthal) Primary Source:

Eastham Farm, Texas Prison System Summary: Clyde was arrested for burglaries and thefts in three different towns. Clyde was originally held in jail in Waco, TX before being transferred to Easham Farm. Theme Connection: Clyde was assigned to Camp 2 at Eastham Farm prison. The treatment of prisoners between 1930 and 1932 was harsh, violent, and inhumane. Food was scarce and often rancid as, "food vendors often dumped their spoiled goods on the prison" (Blumenthal 39). Additionally treatement in the prison was harsh and violent. Clyde's sister recollects once when she visited him and "both her brother's eyes were black and blue" as he had been beaten on multiple occasions for not keeping up and breaking rules (Blumenthal 40). The work the prisoners were expected to do was oftentimes extreme and "dozens of Eastham prisoners, suffering from exhaustion.... cut their own Achilles tendons to get a break from the fields" (Blumenthal 44). After working with another prisoner to cut off two toes, Clyde's sentence was shortened, however the harsh conditions in prison left a mark on Clyde and he remained resentful for the rest of his life. Primary Source:

Describe how Hoover's administration handled the Great Depression below.