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My Semester with EPSY

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Learning Objective: The learning objective for this project is the different techniques and tools I used for each project in my semester with EPSY 440

Table of Cotents

Week 1

Media Project Podcasts

Week 2

Media Project Sort-Form Casual Videos

Week 3

Media Project Storyboard Planning For Video

Week 4

Media Project Long-Form/Produced Video

Week 5

Media Project Storyboard For Animation Planning

Week 6

Media Project Animation

Week 7

Media Project Motion Graphics

Week 8

Media Project ILO-Interactive Image

Week 9

Media Project ILO-Interactive Timeline

WEEK 1Media Project (Podcasts)

WEEK 2Media Project Short -form casual videos

WEEK 3Media Project Storyboard planning for video

WEEK 4Media Project Long-form/produced video

WEEK 5Media Project Storyboard for animation planning

WEEK 6Media Project Animation

WEEK 7Media Project Motion graphics

WEEK 8Media Project ILO-interactive image

WEEK 9Media Project ILO-interactive timeline