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You can use any photo, gif, or illustration you like to mix in some multimedia content.

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Matt Hallowell was a 12 year old boy, who lived in a cabin inside a forest. A man asks Matt to let him sleep on the cabin floor, so Matt agrees. The next day, the cabin got destroyed by a bear and he had to steal honey from a beehive.

Matt's dad left the cabin for a couple weeks to get food for his family. So, he let Matt stay in the forest himself. When he came back from his adventure, he saw the cabin and was shocked.

Attean and his friend Saknis found Matt getting attacked by bees, so they saved him. After that they became friends and Matt teaches Attean to learn English. Attean loves to read the book "Robinson Crusoe".

Sakina, Matt, and Attena were hiking, when Sakin's dog got stuck on a leg trap. So, he went to his village and asked his grandma for help. When they saved the dog, Sakin's grandma brought him to the village for the day to play games.

Make it multimedia! If you want to include a video, copy the URL and paste it into the Insert tab in the Editor. You can activate options such as Autoplay, Loop, and Mute, depending on your preferences.