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The end of slavery had an effect of large farms that mostly relied on forced labor to ensure their popularity but decreased in the 1870s.

Percentage of farms by agricultural acrage, 1870

After the emancipation of African americans, many migrated from the rural area to the Urban area of Bexar county.

NEt increase Bexar County Population by Race, 1860-1880


Male & Female Occupations

Percentage of Bexar county slave holders by number of enslaved persons held by 1860:

African American History in Bexar County

Thesis: These graphs show how the introduction of slavery in Bexar County influenced the land, housing, population, and occupations of slaves during and after emancipation.

Percentage of Enslaved persons by Group size

These charts show the percentages of jobs that african american men and women had in Bexar county