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The Triumph of Timid Hearts

Uzunköprü Anatolian High School /Meral ŞEVİK


Chapter 11:Erent Silvia

Chapter 12:Galben Florina

Chapter 10:Ramis Ozan uzun


Chapter 8:Dürdane AVCI

Chapter 7:Müjgan TÜZEN

Chapter 6:Aslıhan GÜNEŞ

Chapter 5:R. Kavaliauskienė

Chapter 4:Hilal Sevim

Chapter 3:Fatma Akgül

Chapter 2:Güney TOKER

Chapter 1:Meral ŞEVİK



CHAPTER 14:Galben Calin

CHAPTER 13:Ujica Luminita



There was once a kid called Mesut. He was studying at Istanbul Technical University,Architecture Department but he wanted to be a football player so he was being bullied by his classmates. they made fun of his goal and they treat him badly .One day,Mesut sat in the back row of the lecture hall, his sketchbook open on the desk. The professor droned on about architectural principles, but Mesut’s mind was far away. His heart belonged to the football field, not the drafting table.

The Whispering Shadows


His classmates didn’t understand. They saw a quiet, bespectacled student who meticulously drew blueprints and calculated load-bearing capacities. They didn’t see the fire that burned within him—the dream of scoring goals, of sprinting across the grass with the wind at his back.Every day, they taunted him. “Hey, Mesut, how’s your imaginary goal coming along?” they’d sneer. “Maybe you can design a stadium for your dreams!” Mesut clenched his fists, but he never retaliated.One day, as the sun dipped low, Mesut heard a voice behind him.....

The Whispering Shadows



Mesut swiftly turned around at the sound behind him. Standing before him was not a classmate, but rather the coach of the school's football team. Approaching Mesut with a friendly smile, the coach said, "Hello Mesut, I've been watching you. I've heard rumors about your football talent, and I believe you could be a valuable addition to our team." Mesut's heart raced with excitement. This was the opportunity he had been waiting for. Yet, there were still uncertainties lingering within him. "But sir," Mesut replied, "I'm just a student, how can I become a football player?"


A Glimmer of Hope






The football coach asked: "Why do you think so? Can't students become football players?". Mesut said, "Of course they can, sir, but I am studying architecture, how can I be a football player? What will my family say to this situation? Just as the football coach was about to say something, Mesut spoke up: "Do you think I can be successful? Don't you think I'm late?" The football coach said confidently:"We can't learn it unless we try" The football coach could see and feel that Mesut would be a great football player.

Akdere Anatolian High School /F. Hilal SEVİM


Despite being hesitant at first due to fear of being bullied by his friends, Mesut decided to join the school football team after being encouraged by his coach. As soon as he stepped onto the field, his incredible talent shone through, leaving both his teammates and coach in awe. Mesut's skill and dedication quickly earned him the respect of his peers, and he went on to become a valuable asset to the team. His coach was always there to support and motivate him, helping Mesut overcome his fears and insecurities. With his guidance and encouragement, Mesut was able to harness his talents and showcase them on the field. As a result, he was no longer just a university student who loved football, but a star player on the school football team.


Footsteps of Success


Šiauliai "Dermės" School/Rasa Kavaliauskienė

Jūmantė, Matas LT

Mesut's Dual Triumph


Mesut's journey was a testament to perseverance. With each practice session, his confidence grew, fueled by his passion for both football and architecture. Despite facing skepticism from family and classmates, Mesut remained resolute in his pursuit of both dreams. As the season progressed, Mesut's talent on the field caught the eye of scouts, paving the way for offers from professional clubs. Yet, amidst the allure of fame and fortune, Mesut stayed true to himself, balancing his love for football with his academic pursuits. Through it all, Mesut never forgot the doubters who once questioned his choices. Their whispers of uncertainty only fueled his determination to succeed, both on the pitch and in the classroom. Mesut's story was one of breaking barriers and proving that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.


Aslıhan GÜNEŞ-Yılmaz Kayalar Science High School

6 Never Give Up

Sevgi&Ela YKFL

Mesut kept getting better at football, but it was tough managing both school and training. Sometimes, he felt like giving up, but his coach, teammates, and family always supported him. As Mesut became more famous, many clubs wanted him to join them, offering him lots of money. But Mesut stayed true to himself and didn't let fame change him. He knew that working hard and believing in himself were the most important things. Despite all the challenges, Mesut never stopped chasing his dreams. With each game he played and every obstacle he faced, he showed that with determination, anything is possible.

Keçiören Social Sciences High School/GAMZEMüjgan Tüzen


On the exact day of the most important match of this life, he had made a mistake which led his team to lose the match although they were about to win.All the teammates and friends from the school rebuked him and shouted him from the tribune.He had never felt such a bad disappointment in his heart until that moment.He thought he would never play again while walking to home....


Vecihi Hürkuş Anatolian High School/Deniz,Yusuf,Fatih,SelenVhalDürdane Avcı

Keep chasing your dreams

But amidst the darkness of his thoughts, a familiar voice cut through the turmoil. It was his coach, jogging up beside him, his expression a mix of empathy and determination. "Mesut," he said, his voice steady, "everyone makes mistakes. What defines us is how we respond to them." Mesut looked up, meeting his coach's gaze, and for the first time since the match, a glimmer of hope ignited within him. His coach continued......

As Mesut trudged home, the weight of disappointment heavy on his shoulders, he replayed the moment of his mistake over and over in his mind. Doubt crept in, whispering that maybe his classmates were right all along, that he was just a dreamer who didn't belong on the field. The cheers of the crowd turned into echoes of criticism, amplifying his sense of failure.

Iliin Ionela,Sports Program Highschool Bistrita,Romania

Afterwards, his coach went on saying: ` It is only the first time you are facing a match loss, Mesut! Though it is only the first and apparently, the most painful to you at the moment, you see, over the time you will definitely cope with so many other challenges life puts you to test! Nothing is lost as long as you have hope and confidence in your own abilities and strengths. My advice not only as a coach, but as a parent and as your best friend, if you like, would be for you to take on each defeat gradually, turn them into a learned lesson and try to improve your mistakes. The secret behind it is see the best side in everything!` Self-awareness is the key to success not only in sports but also life`. ` That`s the definition of life in end, dear Mesut!, the coach exclaimed. `From now on it`s up to you how you like to be your future`, said the coach.

The Relevance of Being Back up Supported


Ramis Ozan Uzun

Çorlu High School

In this process filled with the teachings of his coach, the drive and motivation within him had led him to work even harder. Although it was difficult to allocate time, both architecture and football were indispensable for Mesut. He had learned that with discipline and determination, he could overcome any challenge. Now, as the crucial match entered its final minutes with the opposing team equalizing, the tension increased. Moving swiftly towards the goal through a resilient defense, Mesut approached with speed. The defenders in front of him were tightly marking him, and the control of the ball was crucial. Everyone was now looking at Mesut, and the tension escalated further. At that moment, Mesut took the shot that would determine the fate of the match.


Hero of the match

Sports Program Highschool Bistrita

Erent Silvia Lacramioara

11On a rainy night after Mesut won his match everyone was there to congratulate him and his beautiful goal scored in the last minute, but something was wrong, Mesut had a feeling that something was missing, something important. None of his teammates where there to congratulate him, only now he clearly saw that He got to get focused on training to become a better player that he forgot that he needed to train to be a better teammate. His teammates were walking out of the soccer stadium looking disappointed. Mesut ran fast to apologize to his teammates because he didn't pass in the match and he tried winning on his one, but his teammates reminded him that a match is won with the team together using term work and friendship. Mesut learned from his mistake and became a better teammate and a better friend.
Mesut from that day began to get along better with his team and all the people around him, all his feelings of confusion disappeared and in their place appeared the feelings of self-confidence. In the following matches Mesut managed to win by working in the team, but that didn't last long because he started to be envied by some of his teammates and in the next match he was teased in the locker room by some teammates and the whole match Mesut couldn't concentrate thinking only about what happened to him before

Florina Galben /sports highschool Bistrita

chapter 12

Ujica Luminita


The recovery Because he was not focused, the coach took Mesut out of the field of play. When it was almost the end of the match, one of Mesut's teammates was injured and had to leave the field. The coach then called Mesut, asking him if he felt able to play. Mesut said to himself: "now or never, I'll show you what I can do". With great confidence, he entered the field and quickly gained possession of the ball. He dribbled all the opponents and scored in the goal

Galben Calin

After scoring a goal, Mesut was applauded and encouraged by all his teammates and the coach. After this successful match, Mesut had a discussion with his colleagues and the coach and they decided together that it is time for Mesut to move on to a team better for his own development in football and not to keep him in place. That's how Mesut became known as the best football player and managed to defeat all his insecurities and fears.

Great final

chapter 14




After spending a year in his new club, Mesut met a lot of new players that inspired him. He was motivated to be better day by day. Every drop of sweat was worth it for him. His career was already worthy of praise even though he still had an extensive period left. More and more kids wanted to buy his jersey and be just like him, not knowing what he had gone through. But Mesut is now confident and tied to the top of a mountain. No one could bring him down or stop his rising. He became an inspiration.