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Access and Participation Plan (APP)

we are commited to supporting young people from backgrounds of low eduction to help them continue and pregress

APP is ??

We focus on access, success and progression for all students


From the data we had collected we could see a high amount of studetns were not aware of the APP and how it could help them

We have also worked with the Students Union as they recently made a submission

We looked through different pathways such as focus groups and interviews with students of all backgrounds, ages, gender, ethnicity and levels of study

This was a student led project by myself Asim Mahmood

Student involvement

Targets:How it affects students Student board

Student Voice
  • help with food
  • laundry
  • travel costs
  • counselling
  • extensions
  • bursaries

+ Info

Whats on offerFood, washing, travel,

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We have a range of services we provide to help students

How to get involved

Please reach out if there is anything you think we can help with or are in need of support

  1. Head of Access and Participation- a.brierley@leedstrinity.ac.uk
  2. student ambassador team- SROHello@leedstrinity.ac.uk
  3. Student suport team- studentsupport@leedstrinity.ac.uk
  4. Finance- moneyadvice@leedstrinity.ac.uk

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