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More information on Yamas

More information on Niyamas

More information on learning to focus your mind on one thing.

More information about turning our senses inward.

More information about poses

More information about breath

More information on meditation

More information on oneness.

What is a Yogi?

1st Limb of Yoga: Yamas

The 5 qualities of a Yogi are:1. Kindness2. Honesty3. Open-Handedness4. Generous5. Tries to be their Best Self

How to be a Yogi?

2nd Limb of Yoga: Niyamas

The 5 qualities of being a Yogi are:1. Keep it Clean2. Contentment3. Hard Work4. Self-study5. Trust the Universe

6th Limb of Yoga: Learning to Focus your Mind on One Thing

  • A single, pointed focus
  • Focus on one thing so you can guide your mind to one topic such as positivity, love, etc.
  • Put all your thoughts on a shelf and then come back to them later ensuring that you are only focusing on one singular thing.

5th Limb of Yoga: Turning Our Senses Inward

  • This limb refers to listening to your own inner compass and blocking off all distractions.
  • You need to focus on yourself by closing your eyes, mouth, and ears by choosing what you are listening to-> you are turning your senes inwards.

The third limb of yoga refers to the physical aspect; the practice of the yoga postures. - It is important to take time with each pose as you move from different poses and postures.

3rd Limb of Yoga: Poses

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The fourth limb of yoga refers to the breathing and breath control we perform. -Breath is the way we take in and release the energy around us. -It is important to focus the mind on breath when performing yoga postures.

4th Limb of Yoga: Breath

  • The sixth limb refers to meditation and quieting the mind.
  • An uninterrupted flow of concentration. You utilize turning your senses inward and learning to focus your mind on one thing during meditation.
  • Ideal state of consciousness.

7th Limb of Yoga: Meditation

  • Inner peace
  • We need to have oneness with each other and everything regardless of anything.
  • We are a part of a whole and there are no exceptions.
  • Explained by the Big Bang- We were all a part of a whole before the Big Bang so we need to embrace that oneness.

8th Limb of Yoga: Oneness