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Mythology's message

Has mythology shaped perceptions of femininity and female roles.

who knows, mabye in the future we'll see another drastic change...

i decided to investigate the infleucne of mythology on the perception of women


Myths , although based on interpretations and ancient beliefs, contain pieces of truth and reality

The aim

Who are you? What are you?The perceptions made on women have constantly been changing through time and is still developing in todays society.

Are you a goddess? a villain? a victim? a demon? what are you?

and that was how 'mythology's message' was born

found my underlying love for mythology

went back to stage 4



found an interest for ancient indian astrology and areopsace.

went back to my mind map of initail ideas

Not this

Dwaraka (this was my draft)

ancient/ lost cities

maze to myths

mythology's message










“What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet in midday, and three feet in the evening?”

Research and evidence

5 months of study

Started researching at a very broad level, then started focusing in on specific myths and themes

+ info

evidence and research

plus a small 288 hours more

Essay structure

took me 2 days,



timeline of structure

the sections of my essay.

main body edition only





jiutian xuannü





the journey towards completeing my epq was not a smooth sail, and contaned many rocky paths.

And although there were highs and lows throughout my journey to complete my EPQ, my interest and fascination for myths kept me going through till the end


exam stress and work overload


opportunity cost (time and effort put into epq)


gold dofe (a week before draft due date)


  • time management skills
  • working under pressure
  • planning/ source evaluation
  • citations
  • referencing
  • work independently
  • wrtiting with limited word count
  • researching specified sources (narrowing it down)
  • all-nighters
  • laughing through crying



death, time & end of world

Kali is the indian goddess of death, time and doomsday. she has a ferocious and destrucive nature, thus being feared by all.

portrayal and interpretations

  • destructive rage
  • protector
  • terrifying
  • powerful mother
  • feared
  • respected


demonic defiance

Lilith has been portrayed across a variety of cultures from ancient jewish to mesotopian myths. although Lilith has been portayed in different variations across cutural myths, the one thing that all myths about liluth have in common is her nature and her role. nearlly all the myths of lilith depict her as a seductress and as a demoness.

Portrayals and interpretations

  • demoness
  • seductress
  • independence
  • equality
  • feminism
  • unjust treatment


Misunderstood monster

-Greek mythology Medusa is a very commonly known myth, but the misinterpretation that have been made from her myth have thrown medusa in a negative light throughout society

Portrayals and interpretations

  • Evil
  • Manipulative
  • Cunning
  • Symbol of power
  • Victim
  • Silent survivor
  • Rightful revenge

Pandora- the bait

'A pain to humans'

The myth behind pandora portrays her as a villain and as the cause for unleashing evil in the mortal world. However pandora was merely used as a bait in order to exact revenge and ultimately took the blame.

Perceptions and portrayals

  • Deceptive
  • Inferior
  • Consequence of giving women independence
  • 'Irrisistable piece of bait'


Amba- rejection and vengence

The myth behind Amba is one that ends in a tragedy and rises in vengence. Amba was the princess of kashi and was taken against her will, only to be rejected by society when she won her freedom back due to her fight for independence.

  • Interactive visual communication step by step:
  • Inferior
  • Physically weak due to feminine state
  • Determination
  • Mental strength
  • Resilience

jiutian xuannü

The dark lady of the nine heavens

Chinese goddess of war, sex and longetivity. Looked up to in times of martial combat and difficulties.

Portrayal and interpretations

  • Powerful
  • Superior
  • Respected
  • Symbolism for tradional chinese medicine