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impact report OVERVIEW 2023/24


The New Scots Leadership Programme, in partnership with the Scottish Refugee Council, empowered 16 refugees and asylum seekers from 10 countries to emerge as community leaders. Over 12 days, participants honed leadership skills and connected with peers, guided by experienced facilitators.

Learners came from across the globe.

Learners came from across the globe.


foresee a significant impact on their communities.

felt the programme was impactful.



felt better equipped to support community development.


Community cONNECTION

Visits to social enterprises and insightful speakers enhanced learners' understanding of community development.

Diverse RepresentATION

Learners from various countries enriched the programme, fostering a global perspective on leadership. With a balanced mix of male and female participants too.

Key Themes

PersoNal Growth

Participants experienced a shift towards non-directive leadership, fostering self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and confidence.

Peer learnING

Peer learning cultivated a sense of community among the learners, fostering mutual support and connection, thereby enhancing their engagement and enjoyment in the learning journey.

Key Themes

"I will implement the learning I gained by delivering a community programme to the less fortunate vulnerable groups through my organisation, doing my best to make their life good if not better. -Learner

The programme has supported individuals, amplifying their existing skills and enabling them to magnify their impact within their communities. It continues to nurture leaders dedicated to shaping a brighter future, harnessing their abilities to create positive change and foster thriving communities. Participants are eager to apply their learning, aiming to establish organisations, improve services, and empower their communities over the next 6-12 months.


We asked learners to rate themselves on five different criteria before and after completing the programme. They used a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating the least confidence and 5 the most. The graph below illustrates the percentage of learners who rated themselves a 4 or 5 before and after the programme for each criterion.

"The programme changed my life in all aspects and helped me to improve." -Learner

"The leadership programme has positively impacted my community by fostering stronger leadership skills, promoting collaboration, and empowering individuals to drive positive change." -Learner

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Lisa Wagenknecht Scottish Refugee Council lisa.wagenknecht@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk Elsa Vibert Social Enterprise Academy elsa@socialenterprise.academy


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