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gardens of the moon


Gardens of the moon will be a live action film based on the fantasy novel "Gardens of the moon" by steven erikson. The film will focus on an warfare for power and control for an region that is currently controlled by the Malazan Empire.


Toc The Younger


Ganoes Paran

Empress Laseen



Siuslaw national forest

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film locations

Staroměstská radnice

Stuðlagil canyon





Tayschrenns is a high mage, who is deemed as Lasseen's right hand. He is played by Adrian Lester, who acted as the character Othello. Due to his multireward acting, he is a good fit for playing the role

Ganoes Paran

Ganoes Paran is the main character of the book, Gardens of the moon, so he is the main character here as well. He is played by Daniel Redcliffe, who starred as an actor in Harry Potter. Due to him being a main character in both, he would be a good fit because he would know how to lead the story on.

Empress Lasseen is the known empress of Malazan. She is Napan, which is a race known for it's blue skin. Her actor will be Cate Blanchett, who is an actress and movie producer. She is known as one of the best performers for her generation. In Lord Of The Rings, she played as the leader of the elves, Galadriel. Due to this, I think she would be good at playing a role as an empress due to the fact that she knows and can show what a leadership could look like, bringing better characteristic traits to the character.
Empress Laseen
Toc the Younger

Toc the Younger is a soldier that played as a messenger in the 2nd Army of Malazan. He is also a poet. He is played by Tom Cruise, who is known for his production in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I think he would be a good fit for this role due to his experience in action.


Tattersail is the commanding mage for the 2nd Armies Mage Carde, being chosen by Dujek. She is played by Sandra Bullock who played the main antagonist in the film, minions. We think she would be a good fit because of her capabilities of acting a leadership, just like Cate. We also think she would be a perfect fit for being on a neutral team.

Dujek is the commander of the 2nd Malazan Army. He is known as the "High Fist" of the Genabacksis Campaign. He is played by Idris Elba, who played the role of Heimdall in Avengers: Age of Ultron. We think he would be a good fit for Dujek due to his loyalty and boldness as Heimdall.

Tarancede Tower will be based off the staromestka radnice due to it's similarities in terms of description. They both contain a city next to it and are several stories high.

Stuðlagil canyon will be the location of The Spire in Gardens of the Moon. Stuðlagil canyon is located in Jökuldalur, in Iceland. I chose the location because the spire is a rock formation over water in the book, I think a canyon would make it more interesting due to it's spaciousness and river inside it, keeping it similar to the source material.

Fairy Chimneys in Turkey, will be the place of Jacuruku in the movie. I think this place would be a good fit in the movie because of it's unique landscape. It has a lot of mountains, uneven landscape and gives that fantasy feel.

The Siuslaw National Forest will be "The Horn" in the movie. In the book, all we know so far is that it is a ocean connected to a forest. I chose the Siuslaw National Forest because of it's closeness to an ocean, keeping it almost like the source material while having it's own details.