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Let's see how we remain number 1 on the high street.
Destination High Street
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Understanding the FOBT Dashbord



Meet some of our Q2 TOTS winners!

top tips from our PREVIOUS tots winners!


Guest interviews

Craig and Andy.






Betfred Gold Cash Free Spins makes its way to our shops!

GRAMS, the marketing team, and Inspired meet to see the game on the terminals for the first time!

GRAM Team discusses the game for Q3 TOTS campaign.

Betfred Marketing creates the game assets and marketing designs for Betfred Gold Cash Free Spins.

Betfred and Inspired team up to produce a branded exclusive game!

Follow the journey of Betfred Gold Cash Free Spins and meet the people behind the scenes bringing this exclusive game to the High Street.

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1342 Gateford Road N9 5th place ranking & winners of £500
2534 Southall High S6 - 4th place ranking & winners of £750
735 Leciester Market S12 - 3rd place ranking & winners of £1000
137 Junction N11 - 2nd place ranking & winners of £1250
2061 Southey Green N9- 1st place ranking & winners of £1500
Meet some of our Q2 TOTS winners!

top tips from our previous tots winners!

South Divisional Manager

North Divisional Manager

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Guest interviews

In the last edition of the FOBT Insider we asked how we remain number 1 on the high street. 5 winners were picked at random , Take A look at their answers below

Matt Freebre - 181 ChesterfieldNorth 9

Phil Lendon - 1291 Cambridge StreetSouth 12

Kayleigh Maguire - 1006 Riley SquareSouth 12

Lucy Olliver -941 High Street RhylNorth 11

Hadi Homsi - 2061 Southey GreenNorth 9

Let's see how we remain number 1 on the high street.

£50 staff winners


The next installment is due for release September 2024.

A history of the last three new game releases will show you how these games have performed in your shop during release week and the following week. This can also indicate what type of game your customers like.

Mel McKay, Head of Retail Gaming, stated, "We were approached by Inspired for an exciting opportunity to develop a new Betfred-branded game, which would be exclusively released first in our retail shops."

Get ready for a visit from the Area Team! They're bringing playing cards to discuss topics on Betfred Gold Cash Freespins. Don't miss out on this chance to shine! Make sure to demo the game and become the expert. Show off your skills and impress the team with your Betfred Gold Cash Freespins expertise !

The moment we've all been waiting for is here! Betfred Gold Cash Free Spins has arrived on the high street!

Clare Smith, Head of Retail Marketing, explained how the game development came about: "Sitting down with the design team, we reviewed how we could integrate the Betfred brand into the game as much as possible. We've included Betfred wilds, Betfred coins, Betfred gold bars, and the overall colouring. Betfred features throughout the game to create a unique experience for the customer."

The prize structure for this TOTS becomes even better than before with a whopping £32,000 up for grabs! We are paying the TOP 10 places for our branded game, Betfred Gold Cash Freespins There will be an extra prize draw that will award 20 Shops £250 each across the company for shops that achieve a ranking between 6th & 10th place.

B Hive will be a hive of activity for Betfred Gold Cash Freespins release. With over 10k worth of B Hive points up for grabs. From guessing the number of coins in a jar to a ten-day daily golden quiz, the excitement is sure to be glittering.If you haven't already signed up for B Hive, now is as good a time as ever to strike gold!

This is where you will see the game ranking during a promotion.

The best way to introduce games to your customers is in line with new game releases. New games will always be part "SHOW" on the Vantage terminals. Customers will naturally be curious of new game releases and you should see the game performing well.

Sam Walch, GRAM in the North Division, provided insight into the team meeting: "The headline game for the next Top Of The Slots event will be our very own 'Betfred Gold Cash Freespins.' Customers will only be able to play this game in your shop! We really want to give this campaign the extra Betfred golden touch, with the shop prize pot sitting at £32K."

Betfred Gold Cash Freespins visit request form

The fun doesn’t stop there. For this exclusive game release, we have a spinning wheel for the GRAM Team. From the game launch, you may see a member of the GRAM Team in your shop with a spinning wheel that has a whole bunch of free play and prizes to be awarded to customers! If you would like to request a visit from your Area Team and the GRAM Team over the coming weeks to give your customers a chance to win some prizes, please enter your interest by clicking the link below.

Carrie Jones, GRAM in the South Division, provided an overview of her experience seeing the game on Vantage for the first time: "During May, we had the chance to witness the game on a Vantage terminal. Its appearance on the terminals stands out distinctly from other game buttons. Given the popularity of Betfred-branded games with our customers in the past, we have no doubt this one will be just as well received."

Look out for a special golden delivery of Betfred Gold Cash Freespins Chocolate. Make sure to be careful when opening your chocolate, as there could be one of the 500 golden tickets inside. Find a golden ticket and upload a selfie to B Hive to claim your B Hive points!

Do you have a golden ticket? .............