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The first slaves to Usa

Where were the first slaves to Usa ?

The first slaves to Usa arrived in Agust 1619. They were been captured they arrived on a ship to the Point Comfort, in Virginia. This event are remember how the start of the uman traffic. With the specification the superiority of the white race, is born the private proprity of the slaves.The uman traffic started because the manpower was lacking, this because Precolombian popolation were sterminated.

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The slaves were captured from to Africa western, during civil war. They were to the service of owner, but some slaves were brought.In this in photo we can see the journay of slaves.They maked the atlantic slaves trade.They were bring in Brazil and obligated a worked to orchad of coffe or sugar cane. They were very imporatant for resource ofAMERICA.

Where were slaves from ?

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