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Taylor Swift: The most popular Artist of this generationTaylor Swift is originally from West Reading, Pennsylvania, born in 1989, she has made an impact on the music industry that few can match.A phenomenon that first swept theaters and now on streaming. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, the feature-length documentary about the Pennsylvania singer's concert, was one of the blockbusters of 2023 with its $261.6 million earned in theaters around the world.The fact is that now The Eras Tour has arrived on Disney+ streaming and, in case anyone doubted it, it's been playing around the entire works as another huge audience success. According to data disseminated by various media, in the case of Deadline, her managed said that it would probably accumulate 4.6 million views in three days. The figure has been calculated by dividing the total number of recorded hours viewed on the platform, which amounts to 16.2 million, by the duration of the musical film. And Taylor had added to The Eras Tour a full of bonus tracks compared to the version released in theaters, so the footage is three and a half hours.


"The Tortured Poets,"

During the last Grammy Awards 2024, Taylor Swift had captured global attention, in the middle of her acceptance speech for the award for Best Pop Vocal Album for Midnights, she said that her new album "The Tortured Poets Department" would be out in April, so this would be her eleventh studio album. Swift, who at 34 years old won her thirteenth Grammy, revealed that this project had been a secret for two years. Contrary to expectations, the announcement was not about the long-awaited re-recording of Reputation but about this new project. Because as many of us now, her fans are been waiting for this new recording. The title had generated numerous speculations. The connection to the so-called “Tortured Man Club,” a group shared by Taylor's ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn and actor Paul Mescal, suggests a possible reference. This, along with lyrics from “The Lakes” by Folklore, evidences the influence of the singer's personal relationships and experiences on her music, as their fans had been saying.So their fans are saying that this new album could be another intimate lyrical testimony about the complexity of feelings and relationships.The collaboration of Post Malone on “Fortnight” and Florence + The Machine on “Florida!!!” stands out, which indicates a mix of genres and styles. Additionally, the LA Times reported in a recent interview that Jack Antonoff is the producer of the album. Antonoff, who has been a key figure in the music industry, has partnered with the pop star on several projects since the 1989 release, he's been contributing to the sound and performance of Swift's previous works. Their role involved in this next era promises unmatched musical synergy, considering their history of successful collaborations.

Personal experiences:

Fátima: Personally I had listened to Taylor since a lot of time ago and I couldn't go to the eras tour but I did went to watch it on cinemas, and since that, I've been waiting so excited for the eras tour on a place like Disney because I had watched it on another complicated ways, so the announcement of the eras tour on Disney was absolutely amazing for me. I had watched the Grammys just for Taylor Swift and I wasn't expecting for a new album because I've been thinking that there would be a new record but with the new album I also was really excited about it.Sofia: In my experience, I have been enjoying "The Eras Tour." At the grammys, she had announced his album "The Tortured Poets," which made me happy and excited. It felt nice that he had released another album, even if it was not "Reputation TV." What I have liked is that Disney Plus had named each of its categories the name of its albums from each era (Taylor's Version) days before. My experience has been nice; I started watching it with Faty at school. When he has started, he has presented each of his albums in a very beautiful way. Each song he has presented has been transmitting many feelings, such as:- "Cardigan," which has been explaining how much it has hurt to love someone who has made you feel special and then no longer.- "Enchanted," which has explained loves that have not been destined to be reciprocated.- "Betty," which has explained the story of James and Betty, in which James has cheated on her with Agustine. Betty has spent nights with Agustine but couldn't stop thinking about her (Betty).- "August," which has been about Agustine and has told how much of her story she has been in love with James. When she has found James, she has told him to get into her car and their romance has begun. "Cardigan," "August," and "Betty" have formed the Folklore triangle.- "Lover," a romance song that has talked about a super cute connection.- "All Too Well," the song that has hurt the most, has explained the relationship that Tay has had with Jake Gyllenhaal, how much the relationship has been super nice at the beginning but has ended up being one of her worst experiences.- "Seven," for those who have found a safe place, where you want that person (friend or partner) to know that you do not have a very nice environment and you express how you would like to help them so that they do not continue living that. These have been some of my favorite songs, each one beautiful and unforgettable. And this has been my experience.