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If I were the mayor, I would add more jobs to eliminate unemployment for many people.

If I were the mayor, I would take advantage of all the land in the city to create new buildings for the homeless.

If I were the mayor, I would help low-income families.




If I were the mayor, I would encourage the use of public transport to reduce traffic jams.

Another very important position in the city is the police. If I were the mayor of Arucas, I would incorporate more polices officers to reduce the crime rate and juvenile delinquency.

If I were the mayor of Arucas, I would fix green spaces as El Parque de las Flores.




If you needed a good mayor in Arucas, I would be the best of them all.

Improving Arucas

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Help for families

I don't reckon we all have the same facilities to get money, so if there were low-income families, I would be willing to give them food and clothing.

Public transport

The reason why I share the idea that people should use public transport is because if people use the bus or taxi, the traffic will be less stressful and pollution will decrease in the city, which will lead to a healthy life.

Polices officers

In addition, from my point of view, I would add more police officers if people want proper well-being in the residential areas of Arucas.

Green spaces

Green spaces are places to share experiences with family or friends, but there are people who don't treat these places well, so if I were mayor of Arucas, I would be in charge of fixing all the parks.

New jobs

If we create new jobs, we will eliminate poverty in Arucas. In my opinion, we need cleaners to clean up the city, because if there is litter in the streets, no one will want to come and visit our church.

New houses

We can take advantage of some areas to create new houses in the neighbourhood because I think there are a lot of people who have nowhere to sleep.