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Made from quetzal and other bird feathers, the base of the headdress is made of gold and adorned with precious stones

Feathers, especially quetzal feathers, were highly valued for their beauty and symbolized power and wealth. Symbol of high status.

The headdress is currently housed in the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna, Austria.

Mexico has requested its return, due to cultural and historical significance, while Austria has expressed concerns about the artifact's fragility and the risk involved in transporting it.

The headdress is believed to have been sent to Europe shortly after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire as a gift for the Spanish king, Charles V.

Replica of Moctezuma's headdress is located in the National Museum of Anthropology.

Before 2023, all Mexican citizens had free entry which ended this year and will not be renewed. So if you are over 19 years old you will have to pay the regular entrance fee which costs 16 euros.