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Why storytelling? Tues 30th April

"Clap, clap, clap song" warmer for early years. KISSsmall stepsrecycled-paper

There was a mini-reading on the page for groups (which I did incorrectly!)

Kamishibai in groups.Interesting to see so many stories ane how they were told.

Excellent shadow puppets.'The ant and the pigeon'and 'Who said Moo'Fun, funny, engaging, great to watch.

Why storybooks?

They are fun, attractive, eye-catching and motivating!

Can help students to develop a positive attitude towards foreign languages.

They exercise the imagination and children become involved with the characters.

Help younger learners make sense of the world around them.

Ideal for presenting cultural information too.

You can repeat the story lots of times (if you tell it well)

You can introduce and revise vocabulary and grammar structures.

Help to develop a child's concentration and learning strategies eg. guessing new words, using visual clues, hypothesising.

gobbleygook = /ˈɡɒb(ə)ldɪˌɡuːk/Meaningless language

Think about how John told 'Five little ducks' and discuss with a partner/small group the following.1. What were the stages?2. What did John do to try to maintain interest?3. How did John check understanding?4. What are the possible follow-up activities?4. Your reaction? Thoughts? Opinion?