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5. Curiosities about Genoa

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2. Historical places

1. Genoa


Genoa is a sea city located in the Northen part of Italy, specifically in Liguria.It is known for its important role in maritime trade over many centuries.Genoa has a beautiful turism attractions for example if you want to do something relaxing you can take a walk next to the seaside in "Corso Italia"or take a break in "Nervi's Gardens" ,if you want to see the historical part of Genoa you can go to the city centre in "Piazza De Ferrari" and explore all the alleys where you can also go shopping or you can visit the famuos Genoa's Lantern which is a symbol of the city.


If you want to visit Genoa you have to go to this beautiful historical places.1) San Lorenzo's Cathedral: in the heart of Genoa’s old town, Genoa's Cathedral is the most important church in the city. It’s a soaring Gothic and Romanesque masterpiece in alternating bands of black and white marble, where the magnificent art and architecture serve as reminders of this former maritime republic’s historic wealth and power.2) Square de Ferrari: is the expansive main square in Genoa, separating the historic district from the modern city center. Its large fountain is the square’s centerpiece and a central meeting point for tourists and locals alike. The square is named for Raffaele de Ferrari, who donated a lot of money to help expand Genoa’s port in the 1800s3)The Lantern, Genoa’s towering stone lighthouse, has been guiding ships into port since medieval times. It stands proudly 76 meters in height, making it the second-tallest masonry lighthouse in the world. After admiring the stellar views, visit the adjacent Lantern Museum, which covers the history of Genoa and its Old Port.4)Arch of Victory: with its imposing arch dominating the center of the large space, Square of Victory - named this way to celebrate the end of the First World War - is one of the hubs of the city centre. From here, walking along Via XX Settembre, you can reach the central Piazza De Ferrari. In the center of the square stands the Arch of Victory, a monument erected in the 1930s in honor of the fallen of the First World War.


Typical dishes

When you finish your tour at "Via XX Settembre" you can go for a walk in "Via Gribaldi" and discover the Rolli's Palaces.

If you want to take beautiful pictures you have to go to Boccadasse which is at the end of seaside "Corso Italia"

If you want to do something more relaxing you can go to the Nervi's parks.

Things to do in Genoa

In the free time the most famuos turism attraction is the Genoa's acquarium which is the biggest in Italy.
1)Genoa "The Superb": Genoa was granted this adjective which is synonymous with elegance, grace, grandeur, by a well-known Italian writer, we are talking about Francesco Petrarca, who back in 1358 wrote about Genoa in one of his travel reports 2)The first bank in Europe:Genoa in the 1400s was one of the most frequented ports by ships from all over Europe, and at the time the Republic of Genoa was often forced to go into debt to meet numerous expenses, it got so much into debt that it had to ask for large sums of money from the bank itself. San Giorgio, which became so powerful that it became the guarantor of the entire Genoese Republic and therefore the first bank expert in the management of debts and credits throughout Europe.3)The jeans are genoese:It is said that the Genoese arrived before the Americans, in fact the first jeans were born in the Ligurian city, the jeans fabric was used first for sail bags and later to create sailors' trousers, it is said that the term jeans derives from the distortion of the word Genoa in French Gènes.4)Genoa, football and Buenos Aires: In fact, it is said that in Buenos Aires, Italian immigrants from Boccadasse founded the Boca neighborhood, and subsequently also the famous football team: Boca Juniors and the other Buenos Aires team, River Plate, was also founded by Genoese immigrants.

Curiosities about Genoa

Lanter: It is said that around the year 1100 the Codefà , Head of the Lighthouse, was built. Who was the builder ? no one knows: history has it that this character was thrown into the sea from the top of the lighthouse. Some say because he couldn't create a similar one in other cities, some say because the Genoese thus avoided paying...Piazza dell'Amor Perfetto: In the Piazza della Borsa area, therefore in the oldest and most characteristic Genoa, there is a square with a particular name, Piazza dell'Amor Perfetto.It seems that in 1502 Louis XII, King of France, reached Genoa for a short visit. At this juncture, he met Tommasina Spinola , a noble woman who entertained the King with chatter and sweet glances. It seems that a real love at first sight broke out between the two but the King was soon forced to return to his homeland. The two separated and shortly afterwards Tommasina was reached by the news that the King had died in battle. The poor lover allowed herself to die, in the name of the love she felt for Louis XII.In reality the news was false and the King returned to look for Tommasina, discovering the truth about her death. It was precisely at that moment that he uttered the famous phrase "it could have been a perfect love" and this very square was named after that phrase.

Some legends about Genoa...

Genoa's map

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Via Garibaldi is a historic street in Genoa, Italy that features 16th-century residences, Renaissance palaces, and various museums