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1st quest

Spells grand theft auto five.

2nd quest

What is Miss Liberty's old name?

3rd quest

How many pokemon games are there?

A. 30.B. 137.C. 95.

4th quest

What is the name of Miss Delight's mace?

A. Barby.B. Macey.C. It has no name.

5th quest

How many Mario Bros games are there?

A. Over 1000.B. Over 100.C. Over 200.

A. Grand t-h-e-f-t-a-u-t-o-f-i-v-eB. G-r-a-n-d-t-h-e-f-t-a-u-t-o-f-i-v-eC. G-r-a-n-d-t-h-e-f-t-a-u-t-o

A. Praetor Duncan.B. Praetor White.C. Liberty.

What year was Roblox created?

6th quest

A. 1789

B. 2000

C. 2004


1. What is the name of the villain from Die Hard?

2. What is Goku's most powerful phase in the real series?

3.What is the original name of Gollum?

A. Hans LandaB. Simon GruberC. HansGruber

A. Ultra Instinct Phase 3.B. Super SaiyajinC. Ultra Instinto

A. Gollum.B. Bombadier.B. Smigol.

4. What is the name of the villian from Mistery Men?

A. Casanova.B. Frankenstein.C. Casanova Frankenstein.