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In Ireland, a country with a great religious tradition, on Easter Sunday families and friends usually get together and go to Church.Afterwards,they usually eat togther a traditional Irish meal madeof roast meat with potatoes andvegetables. After the meal, andespecially the children, receive their Easter Eggs. Additionally, to celebrate the end of Lent, a street dance competition is held in Dublin, where the winner receives a cake as a prize. Elsewhere in Ireland, to celebrate the end of Lent they celebrate the burial of the herrings, a burial staged by the locals. It is believed that its origin comes from butchers, who saw how their businesses were affected during Lent, when more fish was consumed, and celebrated its end in a mocking way.


Easter is one of the most important holidays in France, during Holy Week, most people dedicate themselves to enjoying the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. One of the most popular traditions is the search for Easter eggs, which are hidden. This activity is very fun for children, who also enjoy chocolate eggs and other typical sweets of the season. There are also many other traditions, for example, the “Easter Mouna” is celebrated, which is a sweet crown-shaped bread that is shared with the family, some cities hold religious processions and sing in churches. In some regions, the “Quête de l’Oeuf” iscelebrated,a tradition in whichchildren go from door to door askingfor decorated eggs. Anotherinteresting tradition is the"Omelette Pascale", there, a giantomelette is cooked to share with allthe inhabitants of the city and thetourists who come to enjoy this festivity..


Easter is the favorite holiday of the Greeks. It is often celebrated by the Church before or after Catholic Easter, with a difference of one or two weeks. It is not only a religious holiday, but also a time when families gather in their hometowns and, taking advantage of spring, recharge their energies in nature.Each region of Greece has its own way of celebrating Easter, for example, they show off their colorful traditions, they usually shine thousands of tin lanterns on Pyrgos Castle, they also set off fireworks or hold traditional celebrations. The women of the parish who spend the entire night of Holy Thursday decorating the Epitaphs and many other things


Easter in Germany is a holiday that combines religious traditions with unique cultural customs. From home decoration to egg hunts and typical food. A very important part of the Easter celebration in Germany is gastronomy. One of the most popular dishes is Österbrot or German Easter Bread, a braided bread with eggs and raisins. In addition to sweets, Germans often enjoy Osterbraten, a roast meat with vegetables and spices; Easter sausages, known as Osterwurst and also lamb baked with herbs and spices.


In traditional foods we find hot cross buns that are eaten on Good Friday. They are a kind of bun made with nuts. A cross made with flour and water is placed on top of each bun, although they currently replace nuts with chocolate. They celebrate their Easter with the Bilby or Rabbit-Eared Bandicoot (Macrotis lagotis), a rabbit-like marsupial that lives in deserts and dry areas of Australia. Easter is also the time when the “Royal Easter Show” is held in Sydney and lasts for two weeks, this festival includes farm animal displays, lots of delicious food, fireworks, etc.

It is very curious how in other countries they have some traditions that are so different and others that are so similar!!