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Who is the GOAT

the increased importance of data analysis in sport



1. introduction

2. advanced data

3. comparison

4. video

5. conclusion


  • In the world of sports, the sport analyst has never been more crucial
  • Sport analystics are redefining how teams and athletes prepare, compete and succeed
  • Advancements in technology enable real time data collection
  • Emphasis on prediction analysis for strategic decision- making
  • Increased championships and win rates for tems leveraging analytics effectively

What is sports analytics

On-field data analytics&Off-field data analytics


Developments in the Sports Analytics Industry&How is Sports Analytics Data Useful?

Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Establishment of Sports Analytics Departments

Emergence of Moneyball

Developments in the Sports Analytics Industry

Advancements in Technology

Player Health and Injury Analvtics

Business-oriented applications

How is Sports Analytics Data Useful?

Player & Game Performance

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Advanced data in basketball&How is Sports Analytics Data Useful?

Basic data

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advanced data in basketball

numbers and advance data

Advanced data

PER: Player Efficiency RatingWS/48: Win shareWPA: Win Probability AddedRPM: Real Plus-MinusBPM: Box Plus-MinusRAPM: Regularized Adjusted Plus-MinusEPM: Estimated Plus-Minus

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  • Sport analytics revolutionizes sports by leveraging data driven insights
  • Every sport from basketball to football embraces analytics for a competitive edge
  • Aspiring sports analysts blends their passion for sport and analytic skill
  • Sport analytics are shaping the future of sports

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