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aolLevel 1Final Project instructions

Mtro. Juan Carlos Loranca


Hey there, learners! So, you've got a final project looming on the horizon. Feeling stressed? You're not alone. But before you hit the panic button, let's take a step back and explore why final projects are actually pretty awesome.Think of it this way: Final projects aren't just about getting a grade (although, let's be honest, that's important too). They're a chance to: Deep-dive into something you're passionate about . Become a master of many skill. Boost your creativity. Collaborate and connect. Read carefully the options given and choose acccording to the instructions. given by your professor.

AI uses in art development

A movie review

Present a piece of art

Option 1

Host a tv show

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Imagine you are a tv host.Present a real or fake News story.Use vocabulary from the Unit (Unit 3: Listening-Speaking)Follow the following format:Explain the core components of a news report, including: Headline: A clear and concise summary of the main news. Lead: The first paragraph, highlighting the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of the story. Body: Detailed information supporting the lead, with quotes from sources, facts, and figures. Conclusion: A concise statement summarizing the main points, without introducing new information.Your presentation must be between 2-3 minutesYOU CANNOT READ (but some key words)Be creative and use a background or a presentation to have a visual element.


You need to use a visual to support your presentation.You cannot read during your presentation.

Choose a piece of art you love or hate.Do some reasearch about it.*Identify the type of art*Name of the artist (you can include some background from the artist)*Your personal opinion about the piece of art*Give 3 reasons to justify yor personal opinion.Use vocabulary from the unit.This is your chance to use the speaking skills.

Present a piece or Art

Choose a movie you like and do some research about it.Prepare to make a review including the following information:*movie title, release date, and director.*Plot Summary (Movie desccription)*Character Analysis (Choose at least one character)*Personal OpinionDo not forget to include vocabulary from the unitDo not readUse adjective clauses.

A movie review

Look for an Artifitial Intelligence App that you can use to make art (for example to make videos, edit photos, make drawings, etc)Make a tutorial to use it.Explain advantages and disavantages of using it.You decide if your review/tutorial is possitive or negative.You have to speak between 2-3 minutesNo readingUse visual elements to describe it.

AI in art development