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By Group 2: Daniel, Pranjal, Siddharth, Li

Proposal Pitch for a Holistic Empowerment scheme for Skilled Refugees in Hatfield

Imagine a community where every individual's potential is unleashed and every idea has the opportunity to flourish. That's the vision behind 'Herts Thrive' – a groundbreaking initiative empowering refugees to harness their skills and create businesses that drive social and economic impact in Hatfield. Through our innovative approach, we redefine what it means to be a refugee – not just survivors, but thriving contributors to society turning adversity into advantage. Together, we can rewrite the narrative to build a future where every refugee has the opportunity to succeed in the community





Skilled refugees, despite their expertise, face a lack of tailored support, leading to underutilisation of their skills, financial instability, and a sense of isolation. Leaving this unaddressed perpetuates missed opportunities for both refugees and the communities they join, hindering social and economic growth.

Health and Well beingissues

Prospect of high taxation rates

Risk of high crime rates

High cost of living within community

Negative reputation of council

Job shortage

Impending consequences


The identified problem revolves around the challenges faced by skilled refugees, such as Hassan, in their pursuit of integration and utilization of their expertise in a new country. Failing to address this multifaceted issue carries significant negative consequences that extend beyond individual struggles, affecting specific community groups in profound ways.

We propose an initiative empowering refugees to harness their skills and create businesses that benefit the local community in Hatfield not only economically but also socially as a whole.


  • leverage social media platforms to promote the workshops and raise awareness among the target audience
  • organizing informational sessions at UH Business Incubator facilities
  • Finally, hosting networking events specifically tailored for UH Alumni who are business founders can foster engagement and partnership opportunities.


  • Generate awareness for workshops.
  • Partner with UH Business Incubator to host workshops and tap into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Engage UH Alumni students who are business founders in collaborative efforts to mentor the refugees


To establish a collaborative ecosystem for fostering entrepreneurship among skilled refugees in Hatfield through workshops, partnerships with UH Business Incubator, and engagement with UH Alumni business founders


Proposed Venues

Function Suite Seating Capacity -128

Mercure Hatfield Oak Hotel, hatfield

Orchard Suite Seating Capacity -120


Implementation Plan


Design Inspiration


Inspired by waves on Hertfordshire county flag, the curvy line from the H to R on the logo defines our vision of rekindling refugee whose hopes were dashed and giving them another chance signifying our life giving initiative to dreams. This birthed the name HertsThrive.

Brand Identity


  • Database of currently skilled refugees
  • Feedback on choice of merch and advertising based on budget
  • 4 weeks to deliver branded visibility materials including website

Things we need



Workshop Advertising & Giftings

Estimate Costing



  • Collaborate for financial sustainability and accessibility.
  • Organize events for community integration.
  • Facilitate interactions for mutual understanding.
  • Participate in workshop registration process which includes highlights of skills.
  • Contribute for tailored refugee guidance.
  • Reduce logistical challenges.
  • Spread awareness, highlight benefits for refugee involvement.

Crowdfunding platforms


long term


short term

  • Support with addressing language barriers in skilled refugee.
  • Build healthy bond with local community
  • Prepare a system of feedbacks for improvement
  • Collate database of skilled refugees.
  • Encourage refugees to sign up for the workshop
  • Asssist in setting up a crowdfunding page to sponsor workshop


  • Participate in upcoming pitch conferences and personal development schemes.
  • Become an ambassador for the entrepreneurial wokshops

Potential actions


Thank You