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Lorenzo Mingardi 3E

People who made a difference

Personal reflection
What he do

Nelson Mandela

Occupation: President of South Africa and ActivistBest known for: protesst against Aparthei


Born: July 18, 1918 City of Born: Mvezo, South AfricaDied: December 5, 2013City of died: Johannesburg, South Africa

3. 1994 was an important year for South africa because the black African voted, the ANC won and Nalson Mandela become president. There several times during the proces where violence threatened to break out and he keeping the calm and preveting major civil war.

2. At first he pushed hard for the congress non-violence approach. He planned is to bomb certain buildings. He wanted to make sure thet no one would be hurt but wea classified a terrorist and was arreste in 1956 and agend in 1962.

what he do:

1. Nelson Mandela become a ledar in the African Congress(ANC)

Personal reflection

For me it is right that Nelson Mndela fought against civil rights so that they had the same rights as whites