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During the Quiz

Before the Quiz

Lesson Focus

After the Quiz

Extra Credit

There are 2 lessons before EVERY evaluate (quiz). If you are getting below a 70% on the evaluates, try switching up your learning strategy!


Lesson Learning Options:

  • Complete the lesson with Mrs. Baldwin at 9:45 am daily
  • Complete the lesson on your own, but REALLY READ / WATCH the videos. Stay focused throughout the lesson. Can you answer the lesson questions correctly? Clicking and submitting without comprehending the main ideas won't work...
  • Watch Mrs. Baldwin's recording and answer the lesson questions in edio then submit.

Lesson focus

Benefiting from your learning preference

Understanding your learning preference may help you switch-up your learning strategy. Attending class is great for kinesthetic learners because you can interact with the content in edio! Talk to Mrs. Anderson about your results! Book an appointment


So you already did your best to focus and pay attention to the 2 lessons before the evaluate...The next step is to play the review game! You can play during class or on your own. The graphic to the left is also under my announcements. You can find the review game link by clicking on it.


During the Quiz

You may use the COMPLETED GUIDED NOTES located at the bottom of page 1 on the evaluate.

Your guided notes include information from the 2 lessons before the quiz. Please feel free to use these notes during the quiz. If you stumble on a question that you don't know the answer to, there is a VERY good chance you'll find the answer in the notes. The GREAT reason for having access to these notes is that learners can find correct answers rather than simply missing the question and moving on. The evaluate lessons are not just an assessment, they are a learning opportunity!

The image above shows how the guided notes appear on the bottom of page 1 of each lesson & evaluate.

Extra Credit

You will find a link to the Vocabulary Padlet in all lessons & evaluates. By adding to the Padlet you will earn +3 extra credit points to your Evaluate.

All padlet links are also in your guided notes.

During the Quiz

If you aren't happy with your score: Ask Mrs. Baldwin to reset the quiz and try again. Consider playing the review game first before retaking the quiz.


If you don't understand why you missed points, reach out to Mrs. Baldwin in an edio chat or book an appointment with her to go over the results.


If you're happy with your results: Keep up the good work!


Stay caught-up in the course: Not falling behind is one of the best ways to be successful in the course. Reach out to Mrs. Baldwin if you need help getting caught-up or staying on track. Book an appointment


How well did you perform on the evaluate?