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Zadie Smith

The past is always tense, the future perfect.

Ladies and gentlemen, today I am going to show you the future of humanity. Neo City is a 15km long, wide, and tall building that can fit all humanity. It has all the things you need to live and more!


The whole city is powered by a nuclear fusion reactor that provides infinite energy.Because humans live in one cube the rest of the planet has turned into a wild jungle that produces a lot of oxygen. Also, everyone is healthy! Every day everyone gets a jelly with all the nutrients they need. You know what's the best part? They have customizable flavors, so you can choose your favorite. Additionally, everyone walks everywhere because they don't need cars, so the citizens are healthy. Another important thing is that people only speak one language and there is only one digital currency.


I'm sure you'll love this city. Its culture is the best we have had in all history. The city has lots of cinemas, parks, libraries, sports fields, and restaurants as well. But even more important than that is the respect. Everyone respects everyone, there are no wars and fights but lovely people. This place is a world where you are truly you and nobody judges you for that. We also have a social network where everyone is connected and entertained. You will also love the safety of this place. Because everyone is so happy the crime rate is 0%, so don't think more and start living in the future!