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Waypoint Each point at which the drone will perform a maneuver like turn or stop

Flight Path The path the drone will follow to collect data

Exit Point This is where the drone exits the flight path to return to the launch point for landing

Launch Point (aka Takeoff Point) The approximate launch point specified for planning purposes

Entry Point This is where the drone enters the flight path to begin data collection

Flight Area The bounding box for the mission

Trigger Distance The interval at which the camera will take a picture Ex. Every 10 meters, take a picture

Altitude The altitude you set for the flight

Spacing The spacing between each row of the flight path

Angle The angle of the lines for a flight path

Turnaround Distance The distance a drone will travel outside of the flight area during turns

Terrain Following Specify whether the vehicle will follow terrain or maintain the constant altitude you set

Rotate Entry Point Use this to specify where you want the drone to enter the flight path