Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


  • one piadina
  • one egg
  • one mozzarella
  • two tomatoes

The burrito


The origins of this dish are curious: The word "burrito" - in Spanish - means "little donkey". Why? The burrito was born during the Mexican Revolution, when a food seller, Juan Méndez, began wrapping it in a large cold tortilla to keep food warm.6 Dec 2021

Questo è un paragrafo pronto a contenere creatività, esperienze e storie geniali.

Cut the tomatoesand the mozzarella


The tomato is native to Mexico and Peru and was highly appreciated in its homeland - where the Incas and Aztecs called it xitomatl (hence the English tomato), that is, "plant with globular fruit, juicy pulp and numerous seeds" and consumed it every day, even in the form of sauce.

The origin of mozzarella lies in southern Italy: according to the agronomist Ottavio Salvadori Del Prato, its birth is due to the "need to transform milk in poor storage conditions. In fact, through hot stretching the acidity would be reduced”.

Mix the egg ina bowl

put them in a friyngpan and let it cook for 1 minute

and then

In another friyngpan put the piadina and leet it cook for 2-3 minutes and in another one put the mozzarella and leet it cook for 1 minute.

Then when everything's ready stuff the piadina with mozzarella, frittata and tomatoes

Then close the ends of the piadina and rool up

Eat it before it gets cold