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Notice skibidi

Feb. 2024

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Top 3 notice about the world

Make by: Candy, Oier, Florangel and Isaac.



The past Thursday, a woman of 76 years old and a men of 77 years old have been injured after being hit and result they were trapped under a bus in Leganes.The accions of the sucess there are investigated for the local police.

Feb, 2024

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Accident in Leganes


Natural disasters


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Flood on China

A few days ago come to China a cyclone, that let a flood that produce 170,9 ml of water in 40 hours, betwen the night of Saturday and the evening of Monday.The flood took place in the east of Beijing


Urban crimes

The nationals police was arrested in the Ibiza Island a fugitive that participed in the robery of gems and diamonds for valous of 72 millions of euros

Feb, 2024

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Rob of 72 millions euros on 2005


Notices Skibidi

Feb, 2024

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And whit that the top 3 notices about the world