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My voice matters!

  • To remove the taboo around mental health, make it clear it isn't a bad thing.
  • To work on continuously acknowledging mental health.
  • Make asking for help less scary.
  • To make children feel included.
  • Teach to use social media safely.
  • Promoting talking about feelings to resolve issues.

My aims


What is mental health?

In many ways, mental health is just the same as physical health. However, instead of looking after our muscles and joints, we’re caring for our minds, our emotions and our thoughts.

How can we look after our mental health?

Every mind matters ran by the NHS says we can...

Engage with our interests

Try to talk to someone we trust, make use of worry boxes.

Get good sleep

Write a letter for our future selves, set goals.

Look after our bodies, do exercise and eat healthy.

How can we look after our mental health?

Your voice matters!

Talk to someone you trust.

  • Teachers
  • Friends
  • Family/carers
  • Charities
  • Worry boxes

Social media is not the enemy! Let's stay safe online.

Check the age restriction on the app, as the app may contain content not yet suitable for our brains!

Don't share any personal information in online game chats.

Don't talk to anyone you don't know.


What is one benefit for our mental health that social media can help with?


Sharing photos

Watching videos



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