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- February is the shortest month of the year- This year is a leap year!


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Intent to Return/Course Selection







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Remember:CCA is closed 2/19 for President's Day

  1. The Feb. 28 Work-Ready Wednesday will also be devoted to Intent-to-Return/Course Selection as we prepare for a strong March 1 launch!
Students currently enrolled in grades 8 through 11 – next year’s freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors – should be prepared to select courses in all subject areas. Students and families are encouraged to review recommended course sequences at the following link: https://bit.ly/3r5D83C

VIRTUAL CAREER EXPO, February 29, 5:30-7:30: LEAP into Career Readiness! Employers representing all career pathways and post-secondary schools from across Pennsylvania will join to connect directly with learners and families. Registration is required, and students can register here. Family Facing Career Readiness Resource

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Scrambled Eggs is the best game for a large classroom. The more participants you have, the more fun this game will be. In this game, you will choose one student and make them "leave" the classroom or have them go into a breakout room. Then, you will pick one student to hide an object in the background. They can hide the object anywhere on their screen, or someone else's screen...feel free to be creative! Then, the student who left will enter the class and guess which object is missing or misplaced. This game boosts students’ powers of observation.

Scrambled Eggs:

1. Testing iReady Benchmark testing ends 2/9. 2. PSSA registration opened in edio on 2/1. 3. Keystone registration will open in edio on 2/14. (Algebra, Biology, & Literature) 4. ASVAB registration is open for the March testing. ASVAB Testing Info. Link - Log into your caretaker edio account at https://www.myedio.com/ - Click on “Profile” in the bottom left corner; - Click on the “Forms & Testing” tab; and - Click on “Fill Out” on the “Parent Portal” tile. - If you have more than one enrolled child, please select the appropriate name at the top of the screen. - Click on “Forms” in the left menu; - Click on “Spring 2023 ASVAB Registration”, “Spring 2023 ACT Registration”, or “Spring 2023 ACT WorkKeys Registration” under the “State Testing” heading. - Complete the form and click “Submit”. - If you are registering for more than one assessment, please repeat steps 6 through 8.

Courses 1. Students and/or teachers have until 2/14 to let counselors know if they want to drop a course. 2. Registration is starting in March, instead of April this year. - Three upcoming CURRICULUM NIGHT Programs to launch 24-25 ITR/Course Selection Feb. 8 from 6-7:30: edio tile link here Feb. 13 from 6-7:30: edio tile link here Feb. 21 from 6-7:30: edio tile link here