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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish was born in USA in 2001. She became popular with a song that she wrote with her brother Finneas, "ocean eyes", when she was only 14 years old. A lot of producers wanted to work with her but nobody listened to her wishes and ideas because she was young. That's why she decided to make her own album the way she wanted it. When the album was published, 14 songs were in the american top 100. Now she is an important singer, she makes a lot of concerts and she won loads of important prizes.


Her first choice

One of her choices that I respect very much is how she chose not to change even when she became famous. She has a lot of distinguishing features, such as her green hair and her baggy clothes. She also handles her own social medias in a sincere way and she has her own music style.

Her second choice

Another choice she made is to face issues such as mental illnesses and climate change. She always helps her fans and she talks about these topics on her social medias.

Why do I respect her?

1. She didn't change even after becoming famous and she's different from others

2. She makes good music

3. She understands her fans and helps them

4. She became famous when she was very young