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UX Content HighlightTruist Long Game

Mobile app writing samples

Get rewarded for your savings progress

Play games for chances to win cash

Grow your savings and meet your goals

Product page

Authored and managed hundreds of financial trivia questions

Developed clear and concise directions for users

Designed to encourage and incentivize positive user behavior

Unified across platforms

Goal setting

Financial data integration

Progress tracking

Financial Goals API

User tested and finalized for product design
Parsed into design elements (UX/UI) that can be tested
Re-written and organized into digestible content
Large chunks of content written by SMEs, often disorganized and inaccessible to user

Financial Goals API

User Testing

Value prop

Buy-in from internal stakeholdersUser adoption and consistent engagement


Flows needing to be easily understoodRisk of low adoption if not intuitive

Content Organization

Large amounts of contentContent can be repetitiveReward systems needed

User Testing

Value prop

1. Do users understand what this product is?2. Do users find this product valuable?3. What about this product is most valuable to them?


1. Do users understand how to navigate the product?2. Where do we want to draw the most attention and engagement to?3. How can we make the experience more seamless?

Content Organization

1. How do we categorize our many goals?2. How do we break down large modules into digestible increments?3. What structure should each goal, subgoal. etc. have?

Progress > acheivement

2-3 goals at a time

Be overly organized

Bite-sized content

Test small, test often

Testing takeaways

Some of the conclusions from testing that informed future design and strategy

Question time!

Ask me about my worksamples, portfolio, anything.