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l'antica ballata britannica




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where and when it was borned?

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in sout africa in 1290

in britain from 1501 to 1600

in scotland in 1931

in italy in 2006

what do the georgia talk about?

The protagonist of the song, named Geordie, is a young man who has been guilty of a crime and therefore would be sentenced to hang; The offense can be rebellion, murder, or theft of real property animals such as horses or deer, depending on the version. The wife (or girlfriend) begs for Geordie's life; Often the girl already has children, one of whom is still in her womb. in the majority of the fishes it has a good ends

adaptations in the time

The first recorded version of the ballad is probably the 1962 live version by Joan Baez, who is credited with the song's international popularity. The first artist to make an Italian version of the ballad was Fabrizio De André, who recorded it in 1965 on the single Geordie/Amore che vieni, amore che vai, interpreting it in duo with Maureen Rix, with lyrics in Italian that took up Claude François' 1964 version.from this to a new version from lazza with the song "l'erba voglio"(geordie) with a featuring with emis killa


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