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How do we use the Glossary?



What tone or formality is best?



How to navigate numbers, units & symbols?



What is included in a Glossary?

Who creates a Glossary?

Why bother with a Glossary?

Two of the best, and most overlooked, ways to guarantee your project will go smoothly is to make sure you have a glossary and style guide ready to go by the project start date.

Glossaries & Style Guides

Ensure deliverables match expectationsSubjective?

Achieving Buy-In with your ClientsWhere great relationships take off!

Forsee any major difficulties Adjust glossary, style guide, & file transfer processes for smooth sailing!

Sample File Review

For best results, provide the projects files to our team for an estimate. If this isn't possible, providing relevant info like in the chart above ensures you receive an accurate and timely estimate.

Creating Estimates

How to estimate without source material

For Integration (Hourly Fee)

~3 days

For Testing(Hourly Fee)

~2 days

Ratio between run time and studio time


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2000 words

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Elements of e-learning Localization

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Isa NeiraProject Managementineira@localconcept.com

Michael CárdenasAccount Managementmcardenas@localconcept.com

This quick guide to our team makes sure you can always reach the right person for your needs.

Your Team


Michael Cárdenas


What tone & formality is best?

  • Formal vs. Informal
  • Appropriate Reading Level

What is Included?

  • All Client & Industry-specific Terminology
  • Abbreviations & Acronyms

How do we use the Glossary?

The approved glossary plugs into our translation software for consistency in client's domain-specific terminology.

Who Creates the Glossary?

Glossary creation is a combined effort between your Subject-Matter Expert & our linguists.

How to navigate numbers, units, and symbols?

  • Metric vs. Imperial System
  • 3 Inches vs. 3 in. vs. 3''

Can you identify a term below that might cause problems for translators?

Why Bother with a Glossary?

Glossaries ensure an accurate localization process. Here are 2 terms from your projects that required defining:- "Gatekeeper"- "Geographical remit"

  • "Lamb Weston is a major player in the potato processing market."