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Event Pitch fromSound Around The World

The Musicof World's Earth Day

05. Featured Pieces

04. Preparation Process

03. Financial Analysis

02. Event Details

01. Introduction

about this presentation


Ideas, influences, themes.



Earth is not sustainable at the moment.

What is happening to our planet?

01. Introduction

01. Introduction

Greta Thunberg


Christopher Bruce

Environmental Activist

Securing Global Net Zero


My Influences

Appealing the Audience


  • Including unique songs
  • Natural and lifely atmosphere
  • Involving different cultures
  • Has to be sustainable



What are the messages of my music event?




  • Feel knowledgable
  • Inspired and hopeful
  • Relaxed from music performance

Towards the Audience

01. Introduction

Synposis, developed ideas, infrastructure, and plans.

Event Details


Opening Speech - Made by HostMusic - 15 pieces from Function Band and ArtistsInterlude Play - Highlights crisis of our planetShowcase - Sustainable ProductsTalk - from a Special Guest

The Event

02. Event Details

Bottles and biodegradable products made by Spirulina.


Speech about sustainability.

Piano is not what you think it is!



02. Event Details

of stage allows for flexibility and good view.

of musicians will be on centre island.


for people to learn more.



02. Event Details

Tickets, Sponsorships, Profit and Donations.

Financial Analysis


Entry for Seniors and Children


For a U18 Ticket


For a 18+ Ticket


Ticket Costs

for the 7500 people coming to this event.

03. Financial Analysis

This gives us a profit of £2,560.​I will be donating £100 to Oxfam from my £2,560 profit, which leads us with £2,460 as our final profit.

in Tickets Sold


from Sponsorship


Expenditure Cost


Cost & Earnings

03. Financial Analysis

This gives us a profit of £2,560.​I will be donating £100 to Oxfam from my £2,560 profit, which leads us with £2,460 as our final profit.

in Tickets Sold


from Sponsorship


Expenditure Cost


Cost & Earnings

03. Financial Analysis

Timeline, Marketing, Posters.

Preparation Process




  • Sell Tickets
  • Market Event
  • Costume Fittings
  • Finalise set, venue and stage
  • Print Programme
  • Execute Event



  • Hire people
  • Book Venue
  • Ask for scores
  • Design & Makeup
  • Set Price
  • Start Auditions for Candidates
  • Source Staff



  • Begin Rehearsals
  • Design and Build Sets
  • 3D render of the place
  • Design Tickets
  • Produce costumes



  • Receive Brief
  • Create budget
  • Select the performance genre
  • Purchase Copyright
  • Declare to Performing Rights Society
  • List Materials Required

04. Preparation Process

Using hashtags to drive engagement.

Applying it further:

Social Media Platforms

People rely on things around to keep themselves to date.

Visual Stimuli

Provides opportunities for promoting event.

Public Spaces

Target audience:

  • Environmentalists
  • Governors and Politicians,
  • Music Enthusiasts
  • Every single person regardless of age, gender, ethnicity.

Cyber Advertising

Traditional Advertising


04. Preparation Process

Smaller Poster acknowledging April 22

An Invitation Card, tells date and time

The Main Poster


04. Preparation Process

What will this event sound like?

Featured Pieces


  1. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
  2. The End of The World - Skeeter Davis
  3. Seven Years - Lukas Graham
  4. Let It Be - The Beatles
  5. Dream On - Areosmith
  6. Golden Hour - JVKE
  7. Field Song - ricky jamaraz
  8. Sunday Mourn - Caesar of Cymatics
  9. You Are My Jazzshine - lebonbon
  10. Time is Ticking - Eastern Rendition of Aria Math - C418

Only Play Covers

Function Band

Play Unique Unheard Pieces

Indie Artists

  1. New Start - Bossyboi
  2. In The Earth - Gxksn
  3. Celebrating Our Differences - Chimer
  4. Sebastian's World - home remedies
  5. Nature: Victors of Life - Turning Point

05. Featured Pieces

End of Pitch

Finite Resources and Sustainability

I want to tell people the problem of wasting the Earth's natural resources and what effects it has on us, and that we still have time to solve this crisis. I believe that if humans unite and focus on this problem, we could solve this issue of running out of natural resources.I feel like this can be solved by using different products, such as biodegradable products, using renewable resources, etc ectera.

Christopher Bruce

Cristopher Bruce made Ghost Dance: Houston Ballet. Political themes in the performance to educate people around the world to know about the dictatorship in South America and the political oppression people faced.For my event, I wish people to be perceptive towards these the current situation for sustainability, and what governors and environmentalists are doing.

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg had greatly influenced young adults of her passions on climate change, which I would like to follow in her footsteps.


People need to put their differences aside.

In this event, I want all cultures from around this world to attend this event, so we can learn how to co-exist together as a whole community on this mission to help our planet. I want to embed culture within this event. Although we have different ideas, we all have the same idea of trying to keep the environment sustainable.

  • Over 100 national governments, cities, states and major businesses signed a declaration on accelerating the transition to 100% zero-emission cars and vans.
  • I want to preserve natural resources, promote renewable energy, reduce waste, and foster sustainable practices in various sectors. The passion for sustainability comes from when I lived in Hong Kong, which inspired me to do this event.

I want to set the venue in a public park, that displays a collection of nature-themed things.It is very important to maintain biodiversity on Earth as everyday species are getting extinct, and by 2050 there will be 80% less biodiversity than currently.